#15 – Personalised Numberplates

1 11 2009

All people seek to express their personality through their actions, possessions, and personal presentation. Because the bogan has more personality than the rest of us, it requires more canvases upon which to portray its traits. One of these canvases is the lower back, but another important one is the numberplate of the bogan’s car. While all cars come with numberplates, for the bogan that rectangular piece of metal is more than a registration tool – it is an existential statement of identity and intent.

That's right...he's the bossState traffic authorities have identified this need in the bogan, and offer a suite of solutions. For a price of hundreds of dollars (and an additional annual fee of hundreds of dollars), the bogan is able to use the front and rear of its vehicle to announce its multi-coloured manifesto to the world, provided it is 6 characters or less. Undeterred, inventive alphanumeric abbreviations are employed, the skills for which have been honed through years of virtually illegible text messaging. The message of the numberplate usually refers to the car’s ability to attain speed, or the alleged importance or desirability of its owner. Examples include “WTABUZ”, “2HOT4U”, and “COPB8”. On other occasions the numberplate is a variant of the driver’s name, though the motivation behind such a choice is unclear, since the bogan doesn’t spend its time outside of the car with a name tag pinned to its shirt. Often, the bogan will seek to remove the badging from the rear bumper of the car to make it seem more subtle, yet describe the make or model of the car on the numberplate in far larger letters.

The personalisation of the numberplate is believed to make it easier for the bogan to locate its vehicle in shopping centre carparks, as well as intimidating or impressing other bogans during Friday night repetitive laps up and down a street that has fashionable shops on it. By having a personalised numberplate, the male bogan can prove to prospective mating partners that the car is not stolen or its parents’, underlining its suitability as a father and provider to the female’s children.



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1 11 2009

There are a without doubt, a great number of things you can write about in relation to the bogan’s automobile. Literally any level of car customisation could be considered a trait of the modern bogan.

4 11 2009

though i’m going to digress slightly here and make a side mention of the equally prolific ‘rice boys’ and their custom cars 😛 and of course those leb (though not limited to lebanese, it’s just that i’m an ignorant asian who can’t tell those neighbouring countries apart) drivers who go up and down george street


they got rid of smoking in sydney….. now that just have to get rid of those guys from george street… and clubbing will be awesome 😛

4 11 2009

No leave them there, we dont want them back out in the suburbs!

1 11 2009

Whilst plenty of bogans do sport some very ordinary plates, it’s ridiculous to say that all cars with personalised plates belong to bogans. Drive through any of Australia’s more affluent suburbs (from experience I can only speak for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) and you will find plenty of very expensive cars (Aston Martins and Bentleys, not 3 series BMWs!) wearing various personalised plates. If you must have a big ugly piece of steel on the front of your $400k car, you might as pick a combination of characters and colours that suit you.

As far as bogan plates go, here are some definite give aways…

Any plate that starts with Sir: SIR-WRX / SIR-HSV / SIR-BWM
Any plate that starts with MR or MRS: MR-WRX / MRS-HSV
Any plate that has to 5UB5T1TUT3 letters with numbers
Any plate that contains the word ‘sexy’, usually as SXY or SXE
Any plate that starts with a 2: 2SEXY, 2FAST, 2HOT4U
Any plate that identifies the make or model of the car
Any plate that appears to be worth more than the car

1 11 2009

Oi dont knock me plates, there really cool ay. the chicks dig em..
Like fucken youz dunno nuthin anyways fucken joisus, youz is just
fucken jealous coz ya cant fucken think up really cool stuff so fuck off
my fucken commodore is fucken sick and you fucken cunts are fucked i can
beat anyone to the next fucken red light coz i got a really cool exhaust and its lowered so i can go fucken fast round fucken corners and stuff so any day I reckon your fucken up yourself fucken racsist poof plates rule ok

4 11 2009

ha! good one.

4 11 2009

You do that too well! “yeah its fucken sick aye”

2 12 2009

That just reminded me of the ever so bogan “Fat Pizza” not your steryotypical bogan of this website, but definitely a bogan none the less. Love it mate

2 11 2009

Sorry, ANYONE with a $400k car is simply 10 times your average bogan. Wasting that much money on nothing is just sooooo bogan.

2 11 2009

You obviously have no hope of ever driving a $400k car.
Get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F40 and you will change your mind.

Wasting money on an expensive car is only bogan-like if one doesn’t have a true appreciation of the car as a piece of automotive art. Hence rockstars driving lamborghinis still qualify as bogan.

7 11 2009

My friend’s PARENTS got this.

9 09 2010

You can be both “affluent” and a bogan. This is usually a more frightening combination.

4 11 2012

Kim: “I want to be effluent, Mum!”

Kath: “You ARE effluent, Kim”.

2 11 2009

Some other Bogan favourites of mine are “Aussie Pride” stickers on predominantly Japanese cars and Chevrolet badges on Commodores, Holden and Ford “show pony” utes whose owners’ would not dare carry anything in the back for fear of scratching them, and “sports” mufflers on 4 cylinder cars which makes them sound abhorrent.

2 11 2009

I always wondered what the point of those bogan utes was.

I don’t reckon that tray would have so much as a toolbox or bottle of radiator water in it.

And It’s not like you can pile eight of your mates in one and go out on a Friday night and yell out the windows at women.

But then if the behaviour and purchasing habits of bogans made any sense then sites like this wouldn’t have a reason to exist.

2 11 2009

On the road, especially in the northern suburbs of melbourne, the fluros who drive these things are bogan. They see a non commo driver and they do their utmost to be complete arseholes on the road. The toher day i had a fluro in a green hsv not allow me to over take him. Every time i went left he would go to his left lane and vice versa.

He didn’t like the fact that i was driving a VW.

Fucken fluros.

2 11 2009
MC Eating Disorder

while there are many modifications that can be made to the bogan car the dead giveaway that you are dealing specifically with a bogan is typically the custom gearstick

2 11 2010

Which reminds me of an ancient bogun totem: the redback spider gearstick. These relics graced many HJs back in the 70s/80s, and today’s bogan car attire directly descends from this royal line.

2 11 2009
Wang Chung

Somebody mentioned that some rich people have personalised plates – and they do. However I do believe this blog was designed to bring attention to the New Bogan, who may actually possess a bit of disposable cash. Think about any time you’ve heard somebody say “…obviously not old money, they’re new money”.
I was in Portsea today, and there was a Lamborghini parked on the street. Fact no. 1: old money doesn’t buy a bright yellow Lamborghini. Fact no. 2: old money people do not stand on the street taking photos of said Lamborghini.

16 07 2014

I’m guessing the car was rented for the day

2 11 2009

And what’s with these huge ‘UNDECIDED’ window stickers.

I don’t even know what that is. I always just assumed that the bogan in question was expressing his neutral sexuality.

2 11 2009

In Wheelers Hill Vic – there were two cars one number plate IGOTU & the other UGOTME

In St Albans ABO8R

2 11 2009
Tamara Hansson

Just saw one the other day… “On Top” *shudders*

2 11 2009

Few good ones over the years:

XRSICK – guys fully sick turbs
SICMA – on a Mitsubishi Sigma

But the best (worst):

FCBOOK – in Werribee, enough said

5 11 2009
Schwahelian Jungle Boy

Saw one on a ‘SIC’ late model commodore with what looked like ‘ Car Tattoos’ with the plate D FECT. I think it referred more so to the driver.

2 11 2009

In QLD (and elsewhere?) pink number plates are a good sign of a bogan chick. A bright pink numberplate that says K8tie, especially on a Holden Barina or the like is a common example.

2 11 2009

“In QLD (and elsewhere?) pink number plates are a good sign of a bogan chick. A bright pink numberplate that says K8tie, especially on a Holden Barina or the like is a common example.”

– I think this may now extend to customised stickers on the back of the car, I saw a hot pink sticker on the rear windshield of a hyandai excel proudly proclaiming “pink bits”.

2 11 2009

Yeah stickers have been a giveaway for a while now, best one I’ve ever seen would have to have been “Irristible Bitch”.

No, that’s not my typo, that was hers, proudly showing the world her literacy skills via the rear window. In Footscray no less

29 07 2010

i see cars getting around with “bad bitch” stickers across the windscreen.. im always sooo tempted to remove the b from bitch on these..

3 11 2009

Fluro pink plates are popular here too, as are frangipanny stickers, young blokes in utes with massive motocross related stickers (jet pilot, skin, unit, fox etc. etc.), the endless supply of DC, almost forgot metal mullisha and countless surf brands.
RM Williams stickers are popular in sydney too, I bet more than half of these tossers haven’t even driven a dirt road.
NRL plates are getting popular, a cronulla plate with SHK 001 lives locally, good waste of money that one was this year!
As far as the full-on personalised plates go, its mostly the wogs here that have them.

2 11 2009
one angry dwarf

I used to live up the road from a bogan whose numberplate was “4U2NV4”. Says it all really.

2 11 2009

Once again Perth can claim Bogan Capital of Australia for this one. There was an article in the West Australian a couple of weeks ago proudly declaring that Perth is the home to more personalised number plates than anywhere else in Australia.
Go West! Go Bogue!

2 11 2009

That’s because they’re extreemly cheap. I paid $350 for my pink number plates (which apparently makes me a bogan) and they’re mine forever. If I wanted the same in NSW, I would have paid close to a grand, plus an annual fee. That’s the only reason they’re so popular over here.

3 11 2009

A pink (or any personalised plate) can cost up to $500 per year to keep in NSW.
I had just a simple, standard plate that spelled my initials and that cost $100 to apply and $90 per year.

2 11 2009

Teamed with frangipane stickers?

2 11 2009
Say No to Frangipani Stickers

Yes! Here in North Qld, the Frangipani Sticker adorns cars of bogans. It is like a “shout out” to bogan males that the bogan female is on heat. The result is that the bulk of these frangipani stickered cars are those of single mums and can be found in the car park of the hottest club in town on a Friday and Saturday night…..

2 11 2009

Ah, yes, the frangipani sticker. Can’t drive anywhere in Townsville without seeing one. But don’t forget the Playboy sticker and/or car seat covers – the same thing, but often for seventeen- and eighteen-year-old bogan girls who have just discovered the merits of a disposable income.

4 11 2009

No frangipani stickers for me, i can not stand them

2 11 2009

Exhausts are a dead give-away. The exhaust the size of a sewer pipe which sounds like an endless fart is a wonderful expression of bogan taste.

2 11 2009

Red commodore ute in Deni – JA5ON. Some other bastard got there before him. Guess the trade?

2 11 2009

In a street in Keilor Downs

which fulfils the boganism rules on multiple levels, as the eye tends to change
“SEE YOU TONIGHT” into something ruder, (or maybe that’s just me)
but I hate it more when you just cannot work them out.

2 11 2009

Or the sticker that is seen in QLD, more so on the GC here is ‘Justify Your Existence’. FFS, I have a hard enough time justifying my own existence to myself let alone some troglodyte in a Hi-Lux with 20″ rims. Piss off.

2 11 2009
Tony D

I hope this topic leads to another bogan car favourite, as mentioned above, the sticker. Especially the bogan swastika, the Southern Cross.

2 11 2009

Yep or the Kiwi silver fern stickers. Wish they’d all fuck off back to NZ if they love the place so much.

2 11 2009

I fondly recall a base model BMW 3-series that I’d see driving to work most days with hub caps, manual windows, non-colour coded bumpers which screamed “I can afford a BMW……. just” that had the number plate RUNVS

Short answer… No!

2 11 2009

I was just pondering a base model 316i as the new bogue car of choice. its probably second hand (to spend more on customised plates). I guess its probably also on hire purchase.

same answer – me neither.

3 11 2009
Tony D

It was eloquently put on an episode of Top Gear this year- all the cocks in the UK have traditionally driven BMWs, but now they’re moving to Audis. That can be seen here in the ACT where more and more wannabe Cashed Up Bogans are lowering base model 90s Audis with giant chromies, just like they did to 316is a few years back.

9 01 2010
Carlos the Jackal

My guess is that the BMW 318i is the car being described as having the badges yanked off its rump before getting the vanity plates and some fully sick wheels and body-kit. Mainly, I guess, because the bogan wants people to see their ‘fully sick Bimmer’ and think that it’s an M3 instead of the over-priced, knackered 318i it really is.

2 11 2009
mistress of the manor

LOL i know the guy that owns the ‘kopb8’ plates and yep ! utter bogan wanker, as predicted !

2 11 2009

there’s a clearly foreign kid driving around with PUAOZI numberplates, with the standard Southern Cross sticker.

2 11 2009

dr1f7n is one of my favourites.. anything telling you the make of the car is a horrid sign of a bogan and don’t even get me started on the frangipani stickers. If only Julian from the chaser really could hand out his ‘wanker number plate’ tickets.

4 11 2009

omg i remember that one 😛
tho to be fair that was a rice boy .. not a bogan.
and it was SO funny how badly the guy took it

27 12 2009

“If you touch my car I’ll fucken smash ya”

Yep, that was a memorable moment!

2 11 2009

in a street in Fitzroy,
i wonder if a bitter ex bought that for them?

2 11 2009

PIMPIN on a really bad ute, i like cars and nice cars but seriously, my favourite are the cocks that drive round in their Z3’s and Z4’s with ‘O’ i mean yeah we know you got money.

however i did appreciate the personlised plate IML8TE when stuck on coro drive at 8:15 on monday morning.

2 11 2009

Arghhh….the other week I was ploughed into while at a complete stop at lights by a bogan driving a Jeep with personalized plates.

First words from him where “that’s not mine! that’s not mine!” pointing to pre-accident scratches on the car. Idjut was forcing me to sign things in my dazed and whiplashed state, before leaving me to find my way to a nearby medical centre for assistance. Clearly he knew all there was to know about his insurance details etc. Now I have no car for a week while it is repaired for a week, a need to get to various medical appointments as a result of the accident and the knowledge that this bogan only saw this as a minor inconvenience to his day….at the very least I probably should have insisted the police attend so that he could be breath-tested.

“Wrusty” as a number plate?

My new pet-bogan peeve – middle-aged people with personalized number plates!

2 11 2009

Yeah, a bogan ran a red light and wrote off my sister’s car. She admitted to it at the time, but later lied about it to the insurance company so she wouldn’t have to pay for the repairs 😡

2 11 2009

Is it just a Queensland thing, or have those horrible “trucknuts” been added to the list? I can’t think of anything more bogan. At least they serve as prominent advertisements to NOT have sex with a guy.

5 11 2010

What about those heart shaped things on exhaust pipes….must be the female equivalent

2 11 2009

The best one I’ve ever seen: AZZKICA. Obviously the bogan in question was aiming for “ASSKICKER”, but – thwarted by the registration office’s strict no profanity clause and cruel letter limit – the bogan, brow firmly furrowed, eventually settled upon a combination of letters that unfortunately enough can be pronounced “ass-kisser”.

2 11 2009


3 11 2009

re the frangipani sticker!! my partner has been on his soap box about these stickers forever.. he now has a “say no to frangipani” sticker on the back of his ute..oh its not a “show pony ute” its a working ute.. the sticker has a frangipani with one of those red stickers with the line through it..

3 11 2009
Pete Schweady

UNVME, on a car that nobody over the age of about 18, or with an income over about half the national average could possibly envy.

3 11 2009

I have a good New Bogue mate called Big Ives who has BIGIVES, …unfortunate.

3 11 2009
pinky has a brain

i use to speak fluent bogan (I had to I lived in Narre Warren North in Vic) But since moving back to the burbs I have forgotten the translations, so I get mega confused by the stupid wording they use…Since when is ‘What’ spelled “Wot” or “Wat”. As for the number plate thing, after the time by the time I’ve worked out what it means, they have gone, so I can’t point and laugh…

3 11 2009
pinky has a brain

sorry about my syntax error, it should read “half the time…” Am I a bogan for not re-reading my post?

3 11 2009

I suggest you take a look at Darwin for inspiration, last time I was there, nearly EVERY car had a personalised plate. Turns out getting them is quite cheap there. [img]http://jeremy29.smugmug.com/Northern-Territory/Northern-Territory-9/DSC4652/519647117_iyzYn-L.jpg[/img]

3 11 2009

A mate of mine has ‘HUCKER’, which we all assumed was as close as he could get to Fucker. Turned out to be his last name…

Did see ‘PWNED’ which was kinda cool.

3 11 2009

the one that i’ve found most baffling was an unfortunate ute-driver who though it necessary to pay money to have GEYEJO.
as most normal people would, i read it as GAY-joe. after a moment a confusion, i was advised that it was meant to be read as G I joe.
to this day i am still completely confused as to why anyone would want to do this to their car. they’re really just the stupidest idea known to man.
9 times out of 10, they have to severely abbreviate their intended message, which eventually resembles something very different. it’s kind of like having a ring-tone that sounds nothing like what you actually wanted it to sound like. the big difference here is you don’t pay hundreds of dollars.

4 11 2009
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4 11 2009

Once worked with a guy who had the number plate “VICBIT” a very clever bogan!

4 11 2009

Well just this morning there was a black “done up” Yaris parked outside my office with the number plate – nerd! Right-i-o firstly someone had spent the money to do up a Yaris and second of all why would you have that on your plates???

5 11 2009

Anything involving use of the words “GOTOFF”, “BAIL” or some variation of “THUG” or “CRIM”. Usually adorned on a crime financed exotic vehicle that is garaged in an outer suburban $199,000 house & land package wasteland.

5 11 2009

– LUVA69 – driven by a hairy old queen in a convertible
– Bad cars: any Jeep. Driven by rampant poofs.
– Asians in hyundais with Garfield’s stuck on the side windows. Yes – it still happens.

5 11 2009

The best one I’ve ever seen was a little navy-blue Hyundai with fluoro pink Hello Kitty stickers all over it. Bonnet – one huge sticker. Each door – large sticker. Rear end – many assorted-size stickers. Roof – one huge sticker. WHY????

5 11 2009

One i seen today was OUT-24Q on a black non-descript bubble car like a yaris or a tiida.

5 11 2009

I saw one ages ago that made me think that the guy driving it must have had a very small penis: 4DWYMN (go on, you can work it out). It also made me wish that I had something heavy that I could throw at it.

I also saw one recently that just made me shake my head: BBBBAD


7 11 2009

Watch out for Qld reg SHAZZAS black BMW X5 [mobile throne] she will
run you down or cut you off without indicating. She owns the road!!!!
It climbs out revealing the double G-banger / tramp stamp combo. YUK

8 11 2009

On the crew doing some roadworks on Armadale Road in WA, I saw a black Commodore Ute with black rims, and a black personalised plate BOGAN. Says it all.

8 11 2009

At my local petrol station one night – INSTORG8A
It made me so mad I almost called the dob-in-a-hoon hotline just for some kind of justice.
He could have at least spelt it INSTIG8OR, saving me precious minutes figuring out what it said.

8 11 2009
chris of south yarra

how absurd, what state is that in thats to many chracters

11 11 2009

The best plate i have seen was “YBYV8S” (Why buy V8’s). It was on an R34 Nissan Skyline which would undoubtably cream most v8’s with its turbo charged V6

4 12 2009

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! Owning a Skyline/Sylvia/Skyvia/Sil80 is as bogan as owning a Commodore or Falcon.

P.S There’s a guy in Bundaberg who has “MAFIA” emblazoned on the back windscreen of his VT Commodore.

5 02 2010

The r34 GTR has an inline six, not a v6. Get it right.

11 11 2009

I’ve seen a plate “ASSASSIN” . As this bogan lives in Queanbeyan, he couldn’t be getting too many high paying jobs.

12 11 2009


Just add a no fat chicks sticker to complete the bogan image 😉

12 11 2009

I live in the Latrobe Valley, which is something of a massive bogan enclave, and naturally, P.N.P’s are rife here.

1) My former employer owns a shiny red BMW with the P.N.P. ‘ASCAPE’ – why? Because ‘XSCAPE’ was already taken.

2) Spotted on a another BMW – a big black 4WD model: ‘BEEMUR’

3) Twice now, I’ve seen this one, and I have to admit, it’s a fave: ‘LOLWUT’

13 11 2009

I saw a funny one a while back. I saw four guys (all definitely bogans) standing around a Commodore on the side of the road pouring fuel into the tank, because they obviously ran out of fuel. The numberplate read XPLOSIV. Not from what I saw.

17 11 2009

Favourite number plate – on a 70’s “sandman” ute


27 11 2009

GOATSE would make a hilarious plate. I wonder if it has been done?

31 12 2009

It’s been done, it’s on a car in Melbourne.
Unfortunately the vehicle doesn’t have a massive exhaust…

27 11 2009


20 03 2011


5 12 2009

In the Melbourne eastern suburbs – black Commodore (I think)
Well, at least he’s honest.

18 12 2009

Nothing wrong with personalised plates . If you see me , feel free to say “G’day Mr. HBV 14Y” 🙂

7 01 2010

A variation on this theme in SA is to get an historic ‘R’ or ‘S’ series plate (first issued in the 1960s or 70s) and use that in place of a personalised plate. They are a lot cheaper than a personalised plate, and if your name is Rae, Ray, Reg, Ric, Rob, Rod, Roy, Sal, Sam or Sue, you’re REALLY in luck.

Sometimes it’s old people that buy them to reminisce about an older car they once owned, but most of the time it’s either train/bus nerds (buying plates starting with SAR or STA, being names of train and bus operators in SA), or bogan kids. A plate starting with SIK, SLO or SLY is a dead giveaway that you’ve just spotted a bogan.

9 01 2010
Carlos the Jackal

The historic SA plates actually look good on cars that have the vintage to back it up. But when R and S plates on BA Falcons, the owner just looks like a bogan tool with too much money – but perhaps not enough for the personalised plate they REALLY want.

One I saw on an R33 Skyline was ‘TI 3VOM’ – still slightly bogan, yet clever enough to show that its owner was capable of putting some thought into the plate-customising process.

9 01 2010
Carlos the Jackal

Should read ‘when R and S plates APPEAR on BA Falcons’. Just had a moment of good Englishing. And everyone knows you gotta talk/write ‘strayan proper…

23 01 2010
6 04 2010
Carlos the Jackal


I not felt that queasy looking at a car since I saw that BMW with the vanity plate that reads ‘ILUV U’…

23 02 2010

late comment, but discovered this blog a matter of days ago.
the best plates i’ve seen in and around sydney:
sir bmw
ms bmw
stolan (does this suggest stolen was already taken?)
eysnme (translation: eyes on me)
grnfrt (absolutely no clue, best i could come up with was green fruit)
and the greatest i’ve ever seen:
drlovn (just so very, very, wrong)

23 02 2010

Perhaps grnfrt is actually green fart?

23 02 2010

hmm, that’s a worrying suggestion. i’ll make sure to go the other direction of i see that car in the future.

24 02 2010

Today i saw a bogan with a personalised numberplate: ALLMYT. I drove along behind him for several minutes wondering what possible merit a bogan would find in promoting all his tea – and then i realised it was probably supposed to mean “almighty”. I think i prefer “all my tea”.

1 04 2010

the best one I ever saw was XLNUTS

6 04 2010

saw a couple more yesterday: oow oow – trying to work out whether its in pain, being a ghost, or being an owl – and wnabme – answer, no, i don’t, thanks very much.

20 04 2010

In Melbourne we have been inundated with variations of “DRIFTING” (drif7n, dr1f7n, dryftn etc) and a horrid number of “clever” numberplates utilising the bogan-proven letter combination “NV”. Some recent examples are AU2NV on an old AU Falcon (I fail to see how a 10 year old car with scratches, bumps and dints induces any envy in onlookers) and NVMYRX on a WRX.

Perhaps someone else could enlighten me. Where is the social or intellectual value, apparently worth $300+ and annual fees, in being able to express a thought, phrase or opinion in 6 alphanumeric characters?

That’s JZMY2C. GEDDIT?!?!?! JUST MY 2 CENTS?!?!

8 05 2010

In my area we have a black Z3 owned by a CUB with the plates YSAVE4

Says it all really…

24 05 2010

as opposed to a bunch of nerds and surfies talking it up on a forum
take a look in the mirror what group are you part of then google it im sure you will find a forum dedicated to you to

modifying cars is a sense of identity for so manny people
it seems your sense of identitys are baggin out on people on a computer and a slight lacking in the trouser department

next minute you will all be bagging out on people who reno their houses
bogan is a majour reflection of australias identity if you dont like F*** OFF to england and drink ya tea

24 05 2010

Bogans LOVE renovations. I’m sure TBL has an entry along those lines planned for the not-too-distant future. Thanks, “Bogan”!!! Come back any time to tell us what you like.

25 05 2010

oh “bogan”, you are a man of hilarity. that, and poor spelling. i’m pretty sure you meant to write that modifying cars provides a sense of identity for many people, but i guess you might have been talking exclusively about people named manny. that would be a very niche argument, though.
i’m quite enjoying my cup of tea right now – organic fair trade ceylon tea, absolutely delicious!

5 07 2010

I thought Manny was hilarious in Black Books.

Never noticed him driving a car at all. What is “Bogan” talking about?

5 07 2010

seen last week on the gold coast:

i am bad

21 07 2010

still wondering how MIL2FK got through the beaurocrats…

1 08 2010

been a while, but i saw another two last night:

sprmum (on a four wheel drive, of course)

ms jeep

10 08 2010

another one:

xl o8 or

13 08 2010
J Fitzgerald

Bogans: save money on expensive personalised number plates and simply change your name to your car’s number plates.

8 09 2010

I was always bemused as a kid with the bogan war between fords and holdens. kids in the playground would form gangs at lunchtime depending on what their parents drove and, to be sure, there would be punchups over the issue. Of course the pinnacle for those on either side of the fence is to own either an HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) or an FPV (Ford Performance Vehicle). I was very pleased when filling up recently to see a bogue roll in in his metallic light green ute with the numberplate “IH8FPV”

9 09 2010

i’ve seen beg4it cruising my suburb lately.

15 09 2010

KY-007 observed on one of those pregnant rollerskates that femme-bogues always adorn with “Bad Girl” tramp stamp extensions. Just driving through Melbourne as though it wasn’t pathetic.

19 10 2010
Keilor Kid

The authors of this bullshit (lets us just say we know who they are) are going to get a fist rammed down their fucking throats. They have 24 hours to take the website down or else face the fucking consequences.

Keilor Kid has a personalised numberplate, and he’s potentially violent. Don’t ever let it be said that we don’t know our shit. TBL

19 10 2010

things bogans like #184 – threatening violence to people on internet blogs.

19 10 2010


19 10 2010
Simon - Glasser at Arms

Bogans also like referring to themselves as we. Carn kunt.

18 06 2011

If only our alphabet allowed one to somehow fit “potentially violent” into six letters.

It’d be fucken sick.

19 10 2010
Keilor Kid

To the authors. Who the fuck do you think you are? Better than everyone else? You are just a pack of smart assed snob cunts who couldn’t fight you way out of wet paper bag. I AM FUCKING BETTER THAN YOU.

Is bogan. TBL

19 10 2010

oh, i remembered another numberplate i saw yesterday –


so maybe a second wife? except this was a hotted up bogan car driven by a 19 year old in his p-plates.

19 10 2010
Whistling Nixie

I’d say it was an allusion to the car being his 2nd wife, in a bigamous way.

29 10 2010

Oh my. When I stumbled upon this fantastic, witty, hilarious, smart (insert many more favourable adjectives here) blog, I thought of posting a request for this very topic. But you had already thought of it, of course, long before. Dang.

Keep up the good work!

8 11 2010
Sid Knee

Spotted by a friend of mine on Campbell Parade in Bondi Beach in the 1990s: LEB 69U…

17 12 2010

One time, driving past a construction site, I saw a purple ute with the license plate reading RU6TEEN.

22 03 2011
Bag O'Turnips

Last night, I was off seeing “Weird Al” Yankovic performing at Burswood Theatre, adjacent to the Perth Packer Palace (i.e. Burswood Casino, of which I very rarely ever venture into). A great show, a consummate professional is Weird Al and his band, the same tight crew he’s played with for nearly three decades (Best songs that night were the James Blunt parody “You’re Pitiful” and the James Tayloresque original ballad, “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”).

Being the tragic carspotter I am, I had noticed a Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the valet parking zone, of which I spotted earlier in the traffic heading there. And lo and behold, this example had a personalised numberplate, natch, which surprise, surprise was “CASINO”, which probably is the mount of some high-roller gambler.


18 06 2011


Wouldn’t you just love to but a brick through the fucker’s windscreen? Preferably with a grenade attached?

7 07 2011
8==D ~ 0:

Ive hated every single number plate ive ever seen in my life except my mates older brothers whos got “ULOOKED”. Thats the only one that Ive mildly grunted at slightly approvingly

4 12 2011

I want to get a custom plate for my Volvo that reads ‘U MAD’. Let me explain – whenever some boganmobile tailgates me for overtaking at less than the speed of light I slow down to a crawl or match the speed of the car I’m overtaking so that there’s no way past. I then turn up Classic FM and watch the bogan (or middle aged woman driving an X5, as the case seems to be equally often these days) raging in my rear view mirror. I once did this and then finally allowed the bogan to pass when I spotted a police officer with a radar gun up ahead. The bogan was too fixated on ensuring his Holden ute was going faster than every other car around it as an expression of his deep-seated anger issues to notice and roared past, shouting obscenities and waving a middle finger out the window as he did. He didn’t notice the police car until it was behind him with lights and siren on.

2 01 2012

latest two:


2 01 2012

Saw one today “fnance”. On a Range Rover. Poxy yogans. As if you’d be proud of being a scum banker.

8 01 2012

Over here in Perth the other day I saw some douchebagscumpieceofshit with the PNL Stealth and he was driving the loudest piece of shit Skyline I’ve ever seen. Very stealthy. God I hate them so much.
Over here you can get them as long as you want and even with spaces between words. I recently saw some douchebaghopehediesinacaraccident with the PNL Y PAY TAXES. Where do you think that road you’re driving on came from you piece of shit?

7 03 2012

In my home town, there was an ultra bogan sedan (can’t remember what type… extra boganed up ford maybe) with the number plate: YEEAAH. Enough said I think

23 03 2012
Simon - Glasser at Arms, Constant source of Randomness


On an Audi, driving like a muppet of course.

13 05 2012

What about those my family car stickers? So bloody smug and bogan-esque not to mention an advertisement to kidnappers of theives.

9 08 2012
My Name

These are everywhere in SA since it’s so cheap to get them.
For only $180 and no annual fees everyones gone nuts on them.
The catch is they have to end in at least 1 number.
So I’m seeing a lot of stuff like SICKV8 MATTV8
And a lot of numbers 1s as well KEVIN1 Quick1

Personally I want NOTAV8 to confuse everyone LOL

11 12 2012
Dr. T

I bought the black slimline plates for my Volvo because I thought it complemented the dark grey finish considerably better than the large white standard plates. I had no idea this would ‘out’ me as a bogan. Bugger.

16 07 2014

My favourite (and it’s for sale!) is ‘STOLED’

8 10 2014

The most favourable States to buy custom plates is Victoria, Qld and WA because their governments use a system where you pay only once – when you first buy the custom plates.

In places like NSW, they use a different system where you are charged when you first buy your custom plates – but then you are charged an additional leasing fee every single year. So the expenses can mount up.

That’s why custom plates are most popular in Victoria, where 10% of cars have custom plates and there’s 30,000 new custom plates every year (source – VicRoads)

18 01 2015

2 I remember are WELFARE (saw that on a brand new commodore at the time) and TUKUAYL (took you a while)

16 04 2017

My plates on my VXSS say ‘STRAYA’ Id post a pic if i knew how…

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