What is a Bogan Today?

An excellent question. It is time to bring to the world’s attention the means by which we can keep the world’s bogans happy. Playing PayID pokies with instant withdrawal at Australia's best online casinos makes us happy! Especially if we are offered Free spins for registration or no deposit bonus with PayID or cashback. Pay ID rules! The word bogan has had a bad rap of late – still associated with wife beaters, flannelette, VB, utes and mullets. But this conceals the new, modern bogan. The bogan with money. The bogan with aspirations. The bogan with Ed Hardy t-shirts. And this is no mere Australian phenomenon – in the US, you have rednecks, in the UK, chavs. While there are variations, the crux of the discussion remains the same.

The bogan today defies income, class, race, creed, gender and logic. The bogan is defined by what it does, what it says and, most importantly, what it buys. Those who choose to deny the bogan on the basis of their North Shore home, their stockbroking career or their massive trust fund choose not to see the bogan. They merely see old class battles revisited. Likewise, the bogan is no mere ‘tradie’. Even if tradies remained low-income workers, many bogans are affluent. And they set themselves apart by their efforts to stand out by conforming as furiously, and conspicuously, as possible.

About Us

Here at Things Bogans Like, we want to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Considering that you’ve already decided whether you like us or not, we’ve streamlined the process to enable you to get the validation that you require from your web browsing experience. Please select your affirmation from the options below. Reading more than one will break the internet.

If you need confirmation that we’re arseholes
We who are responsible for this are not self-aware bogans. We are not like Woody Allen making Jewish jokes. We are snobs. Hipsters. We mock these people out of sheer spite and an infuriating sense of self-superiority. We are very young, very white, and total arseholes. And that’s how we like it.

If you need confirmation that we’re lovely
We who are responsible for this are self-aware bogans. We are like Woody Allen making Jewish jokes. We are not snobs. Not hipsters. We not mock these people out of sheer not spite and a not infuriating sense of not self-superiority. We are not very young, not very white, and not total arseholes. And that’s how we not like it.

If you like reading chunks of text that have been fed through four online language translations (English>Spanish>French>Greek>English)
Who are persons in charge of this they are not bogans in deed. We are not as Woody Allen that returns juives jokes. We are snobs. Inconformistas. We outside imitate in them worlds from the bitterness escarpé and d’? a meaning of fury self-superiority. Very new sums, same I supplement globally void, and arseholes. AND celui-là it is how we have his flavour.

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1,437 responses

6 08 2012
Peter Lewis

Stop being so judgmental about brogans guys ! I am one that’s why

25 07 2013

don’t visit if you don’t like! easy- well, it is for a non bogan brain 🙂

27 09 2015

the truth hurts muthafucka

27 08 2016

Come on, how hard can it f-ng be to spell that??

28 05 2017
Peter lewis is a gay wanna be bogan

gay lo no way

14 02 2018
noah wulde

i dont think i have heard a more hipster thing then “brogan”

19 09 2012

I love this site! You guys rock my world!

21 09 2012
Peter Allison

I live in a dumb-down country town where bogans proliferate. Such a shame when this land was trying to be the so called “clever country” once upon a time. The moronic mentality derived from convict spawn has taken root and now all that matters is football, booze and gambling. I have given up. Now the only thing to look forward to is a total collapse of this false economy which supports the bogan ethic. Maybe then we will come to realize we have nothing more to offer the planet than huge holes in the ground that makes ugly, fat, billionaires even richer. It’s time we woke up.

11 12 2013

What you just described is what Rupee Murderch as spent $$$$$billions to create through is Media holdings.
It’s profitable (for him) and makes the people docile to his machinations to make sure we are powerless to stop he and his friends making us slaves to their desires. He also bullies our Nation to vote for those that will do his bidding.
What does Australia want? Beer, TV and money for popping out kids. We’ll kill for it. *cringe*
You have the Internet, you have to tool to escape his crap. Turn off the TV and use the Internet and discover an amazing world and different ways to do things. It’s much better. (Yeah, this is dangerous to say this in a site like this. Meh! We all live dangerously)

12 01 2014

Sorry mate, but not even all bogans like football or any sport anymore. Of course they will all wear the NBA snapbacks and jump on the bandwagon when their team is in the finals, or Clarky is belting the poms, but in reality, the new bogan cares little for the sporting world. It has pussy to slay, cunts to bash, booze to drink, and cars to add chevy badges to.

14 10 2012
j baker

please tell me how to contact you i wish to talk about a name

9 11 2012
Peter Allison

2 12 2012
B Maiden

A woman I know was shopping at Westfield Tuggerah today when she spotted a bogan bride & entourage queued up to sit on Santa’s knee for a photo. Ignoring the bride-and-bridesmaids-sitting-on-Santa’s-knee-for-a-photo angle for a brief moment, WTF was a bridal party doing wandering through a shopping centre??

23 01 2013
franz chong

Not Sure about what you observed but it sure sounded strange.For Starters only parents with children under the age of 10 are allowed to sit on Santa’s Knee for a picture and to ask what they want for Christmas.After that It’s just wrong.

25 07 2013

free wedding pictures- DUH!

14 12 2012
Peter Allison

The problem with bogans is their great ability to breed. We need to discourage them from drinking beer and spirits mixed with coca-cola which apparently some non-existent deity provided the bogan to be able to have sex.

30 12 2012

Pretentious website. Bogans are actually nice people . Sure they may not like ballet and subtitled films. Instead they like drinking cheap domestic beer and watching motor sports , but what is wrong with that? Bogans are not racist rednecks any more than highly educated twats who live in lush suburbs who vote liberal where they will tip rubbish over the front garden if an actual refo moved into their suburbs. People who hate on bogans are fuckwits who engage in class . Such snobs generally have very little cultural cache other than knowing which commercial brands impress their trend following mates.

2 02 2013

I think you got traditional bogans mixed with the new age bogans.

20 02 2013

Love your reply!

25 07 2013

‘bogans are actually nice people’? Who is pretentious and generalising? you are saying that all people that you classify as a bogan are nice??? dude, wake up and smell the… erm… VB? If you don’t like this site, that’s totally cool. go look at pro bogan sites, sir!

14 01 2014

The Bogan is a brain-dead sub-sapien with no empathy for anything apart from Bundy, V8s and designer drugs. They have less morals than Albert Speer and the social skills of a Neanderthal with a toothache. They are consumed by all that is awesomely stupid, patently cheap, utterly meaningless and violently thoughtless. They are misunderstood because there is nothing to understand. They breed at an alarming rate, not unlike patients in a mental institution, or flesh eating zombies that drag a foot along the ground because they do not have full control over their actions. This is why so many of them wait on the footpath outside nightclubs at 3am. They are too stupid and slow to do anything else, unless it’s abuse the kid at Macdonalds or piss-punch some kid waiting for a kebab. Without long terms of imprisonment Boganism may become the national character. In prison at least they can lead useful lives folding cardboard boxes or making gravel.

11 02 2014
"Classy kunt"

Beautifully said! Bogans are an interesting species. They embrace anti-intellectualism, anti-respect-anti-authority, anti-manners, and anti-empathy in their everyday lives. They are typically a braindead bunch, who have nothing more to look forward to than getting pissed every weekend, harassing/beating others up, being xenophobic towards other cultures, and getting knocked up at a young age (as an “achievement”). “Bogans are actualyl nice people”??? Puh-lease. Wake up from your dream.

15 06 2015
Arthur Fatt

What a goose, you picked the Nazi who was arguably the most moral. Do some reading on it. As you can write I’ll assume you can read. Perhaps comprehension would be too much to ask for?

I am fond of fuckwits who think they know something, you are most amusing.

1 07 2015

Dear Arthur – I have a big empty box full of the fucks I give for your nazi sympathisizing bloated opinions. Get a job. Pay tax. Join the system.

2 01 2013

The media, the news, talk show hosts, adverts and the radio are partly to blame for creating these bogans and find it acceptable. My filipino friend was converted into a bogan when he posted instagram photos of himself on facebook showing off his muscles with other men hugging each other and himself in the mirror, alcohol, slutty girls, shows off ute, diamond earing etc just a huge ego boost. Please people don’t let this happen to you.

I really tried to get to him but his uncultural moron and needs to be put down

31 07 2017

The vast majority of Filipinos starkly mirror Bogan traits. In the Philippines we refer to them as “Jologs”, a slang word used to describe a person who prides himself of being uncivilized, unbecoming and distasteful. Another word which we use to describe people is the word “Batogan” (perhaps where Bogan was coined? lol) these are lazy cunts, who procrastinate for a living, drinks beer early in the morning then dozes off under a tree for the rest of the day.

Sadly, the country has become nothing more than a backward society of dysfunctional, gullible retards whose lives are dictated by overrated noon-time shows and dumb soaps. Filipinos love to rant about how the government is lacking in providing support and keeping corruption at bay, yet they themselves are to blame for putting these mafia politicians in power. They have no shame, no regard for other people and a tendency to glorify banditry and wrongdoing.

2 01 2013
Tony Bogan

I’m a yankee Bogan. I’m so bogan my last name is Bogan.

3 01 2013
Nelson Esq

TBL #754 Towing. If you can tow it behind the bright green VE SS ute or Hi-Lux work ute, the bogan loves it; caravan, fishing boat, ski boat, jetski, work trailer, horse float, motorbike trailer…

12 01 2013
franz chong

Whatever did happen to the Shire?Be thankful we still have Geordie Shore Alright that’s British but pretty similar concept though

27 01 2013


I think Boganism is a spectrum, not a syndrome. See here .

Also in regard to #241 Cruise Ships, Bogans like them because they can’t get caught by the RBT coming home hence they can sink bulk slabs of VB unhindered 24×7 for the entire journey and (this is living) you can spew over the side whenever necessary and keep partying hard.

Best Regards,


12 02 2013
Nelson O'Neil

Put something up about VR commodores haha

21 02 2013
franz chong

I can describe VR Commodores.Those Things are heavy on Fuel and Garbage to Drive.I had the misfortune of driving one on loan from a Crash Repairer some years back when my regular four cylinder Nissan was in for some repair work and It was like a Rice Barge by comparison to the Tiida I normally drive at the time.Boy was I pleased to hand it back after those few days and get back to a 1800cc Econobox.

27 05 2014

well done you are comparing a car made in 1996 with your much newer Nissan ( probably one of the more boring cars available in any category ). The Holden was actually a pretty sensible vehicle, and it can tow the Fishin boat for bogans, or the double horse float for those pompous idiots who hog the arena at the royal show while the crowd is waiting for the monster trucks.
I admire people who are willing to wear comfortable warm slippers in public , despite what they look like.
When you think about it, you’d have to be a moron to try to keep up with a stupid concept like fashion.

27 02 2013


The normally shy bogan in its natural habitat, very rare footage.

2 03 2013

There is simply no hope given this is what we have to work with.

8 03 2013

And don’t they say hope dies last? Which reminds me why I won’t go anywhere near Penrith every again … if I can help it.

3 03 2013
Simon - Glasser at Arms

Wall to wall phuckwits.

4 03 2013

The Chinese have become bogans on a biblical scale.


5 04 2013
Not a bogan

Bogans are part of Australia’s identiy – You can take the Bogan out of Australia but you can’t the Australia out of the Bogan

6 08 2013

sadly, Aust. is shifting from bogans (who I despise) and the film deliverance. Oh, being bogan has nothing to do about income (thought it is part of it); it is about a lack of culture, education, ignorance, lack of respect to others and addition to pop culture. Housos are the same but much much poorer

19 03 2014
Arthur Fatt

You have no grammar or spelling skills and you complain about uneducated bogans. What an assclown

27 05 2014

are you sure you don’t mean culcha? Seriously your sentence makes you seem like the closest you have been to culture, is the stuff growing on your leftover pizza.

10 08 2013
kew Scrubber

Bogans..try the Kew area in Melbourne,its full of blonde tarts with iPhones,4x4s,cheap sunnies and Mac mansions.

12 08 2013

I have been trying to explain the boganification of Australia to friends here in Beijing. This blog does that eloquently and accurately. And for that I thank you.

13 08 2013

I’d like to put this out to the bogan and non-bogan Australian residents of Beijing: why have we not been made aware of TBL earlier?
Regardless, I have spent the best part of the last 48 hours reading TBL from latest to earlier. I’m not quite at the end (beginning) yet, probably due to a misguided proto-bogan education in Australia’s public school system many years ago.
Now, the book. The bogan DNA in my first generation Australian genetics, is stimulating the nerve close to my frayed surf-brand wallet. Basically, without avoiding the cold hard facts, I must have it. And I must have it now.
We don’t have a Harbey Norman here in Beijing, but we do have a Page One, the Starbucks of uber-intellectual booke-buyinegery, located in the Swire Group’s Sanlitun Village.
Did you guys manage to peddle a few copies to their distributor?
If not, why not?

8 09 2013

OMG you just perfectly described an asshole of an ex-boss and his wife and his work mistress! They have super narrow minds but pretend they are pure class! The first few days at that job the first thing that the boss said to me was -“I just bought my wife the whole collection of sex and the city”…..LOL!! And yep, he’s a sex addict to the point of sicko. And the wife was a housing commission girl when she was young and thinks its so cool to wear fashion labels these days, and all they do at posh parties is drink as much free alcohol as they possibly can, LOL!! they don’t even know how to talk to people and hold decent conversations!! Thank you for uncovering their mysterious way of living once and for all, I thought I was initially working for highly educated and mannered people, but after 6 years the truth came out – pure bogan!! Thanks and keep up the great work 🙂

27 05 2014

Yet “you” were working for “them” . It must have really compromised your air of superiority.

8 11 2013

As a Brit, I would caution against drawing too strong a parallel between the bogan phenomenon in Australia and the chav phenomenon over here. When we hear the word “chav” nowadays, we almost invariably think of someone on below-average income, probably unemployed or minimum-waged. The financially-secure, let alone cashed-up, bogan, has no real contemporary equivalence in the UK, unless it’s millionaire soccer players. In my opinion the 21st Century British chav obsession has less to do with differences in lifestyle and more to do with a growing compassion-fatigue felt towards the have-nots.

That said, I can see similarities between some aspects of bogan culture and our own boisterous blue-collar nouveau-riche back in the Thatcher years – as satirised at the time by the comedian Harry Enfield. But where are these people now? Could it be that two decades of economic turbulence have knocked all the self-confidence out of them and made them re-appraise their own values?

But just the same, thank you for a very entertaining and revealing website, it’s given me an insight into life Down Under I wouldn’t have got from the tourist brochures and it’s been ages since anything on the web has made me laugh out loud so much!

25 04 2014
ƒallis Maximµs

“Bogans”, eyy? Sounds like they’re from Arkansas.

17 05 2014
Brenda Richards

it’s stereotyping at its worst. It’s not a joke for the underprivileged person who bears the brunt of lack of resources, be it financial, physical or mental. One possible source of the word comes from the Indigenous tribes who lived around Lake Boga in Victoria. They were called Bogans decades, if not a century) ago. The Indian population are fighting against the class term ‘the untouchables,’ to describe a lower caste tribe. We are bringing back a major class distinction. Not funny.

4 07 2014

The argument never ends, thanks to those brainless drunk centerlink-linked fat white people, Australia has got people like me, from everywhere in this world, skilled migrants are coming in. Not everything is nice in Australia, bogans look harmless, as they are not able to move their asses, we do alot here, from crapy to good paying jobs, still wondering how stupid can be a native English speaking person, who berries his huge talants and abalities as a human being.

26 02 2016

Fuck off idiot, everything was already here and the hard yards already done by the time your prissy arse got here. Learn to spell fuckwit.

16 07 2014
Tamara Arden

I came to Elizabeth SA from the country and had no idea that the word Bogan even existed until a couple of years ago. Coming from the country the only reason children only had one parent was because the other had died. It’s just the way people are, and I wasn’t raised a Bogan. I had no idea what divorce was at 11 and most of my new friends had only Mum (or Mum and Stepdad) at home. Put it this way, I could tell my friends’ Mums’ anything and they would genuinely care. They were rough as guts but they were good people. Most so-called “Bogans” are very much like country people, easy-going and yes they too love their beer, rowdy parties and getting pissed, and they say it as they see it, a trait I admire.

12 10 2014

Ingorant, never read a non-fiction book, yet alone a text book.
A Bogan is mass media “educated”, and the only cerebral stimulation a bogan usually recieves is when he debates with his “mates” the relative merits of Holden v Ford v Toyota, or Lager v Ale.
The Bogan is predjudiced / racist, and unwilling to change from the same narrowminded “ideals” their parents had, however misguided.
The true Bogan cannot come to terms with the concept that they have never had, or ever will have an original idea. They somehow believe the other 7 Billion or so humans on Earth cannot, in any way, possibly know something they don’t.

9 11 2014

what do you guys think about this bogan!

30 01 2015
Dr. Keats

I respectfully request a detailed entry on the bogan obsession for ending words with the “ee” sound.

Possibly a follow-on from ending most sentences with “ay” (“ee” being the next vowel), it was traditionally the chosen sound on which to end bogan abbreviations (footy, telly, Bundy, ciggy, tradie, etc).

Slang words (especially where the origin is poly-syllabic, and therefore too hard) are a given: “electrician” becomes “sparky”, “carpenter” becomes “chippy”.

Bogans have grown so fond of the sound that rather than truncate a term, they’ll simply change the last syllable to one which suits (viz: “lap-top” becomes “lappy”).

Moreover, they’ll actually extend words in order to get them ending with a nice “eee”. This applies particularly to names – “Ed” becomes “Eddie”, “Matt” becomes “Matty”, “Mick” becomes “Mickey”, and so on.

The sound can also be seen to guide preferences – “Reality TV”, beloved by bogans, is comprised of reserve-alliterative syllables which strike a resonant sub-conscious chord within the bogan: three “ee” sounds in rapid succession is auditory Viagra or them…

29 04 2015

I have a suggestion; you should really do an article about the “good for the immune system” justification bogans like using for exposing their children to dirty/unhealthy things. Surely someone else has noticed this one?

13 09 2015

I’m convinced from the outpourings of derision here that my ways are erroneous.

Good bye Falcon.

So long MMM.

Nice knowing you Jack.

Is there a support group for reformed bogans?

18 09 2015

There are truly many sub -species of the Bogan from the cashed up mining Beau-ganns of Bali in their designer flannel and Ed Hardy Caps to those Faux-ganns who aren’t truly born to boganhood just keen to just experience the exhilaration of dressing down for the the footy or Supercars. Then there are the highly territorial coastal variety Surfer- Bogans of the Gold Coast, living side by side with the more Traditional V8 lovin suburban Petrol- Bogans . Neraly all types nevertheless are desperate to mate with the She -gun from the nail- studio a collagen- injected female with all seven childrens names tattooed across her arse in some “un originally original” spelling
The lowest rung of all on the bogan ladder is still the Feral or Fringe- Bogan scratching out a living just outside the minor town centres . Where there are no pigs to be shot his white truck will be turned over over to kerbside collections of broken “fridgerators” Just enough to compete his collection in the front yard. Technically even other bogans are permitted to feel superior and call them “bloody bogans” .
Occasionally you may glimpse the rare Ironic -Bogans. Careful observations reveals a secret arts student meticulously observing the bogan culture as some sort of socialist sympathetic statement . The Dumb Ass -Bogan on the other hand really is so blissfully unaware of his /her own Bogan status that will loudly point out and deride other Bogans . Finally there are those Defiant or Transcendant Bogan who have so magnificently and thoroughly embraced Boganitude that it could almost be seen as an art form , entering into a state of grace .The arse scratching, dog yelling, beer suckin, car yard collecting Super- Bogan has it all . Just like the best authentic Chinese restaurant must have its red carpet, gold fish ,lucky bamboo and felt paintings. This higher Bogan gives no fuck , has no aspirations but is truly King of his dogs world . That rawness and self satisfaction has been sneakingly admired by many a tortured intellectual I suspect . Some have probably even tried to harness a glimpse of its power but soon discovered that adding Bundy to their soy latte just makes it more bitter and curdled .

9 11 2015

I’m slightly buffeled. If bogans are those that conform to the popular society and culture. If a bogan is a person that participates in stereotypical activities, does that mean that hipsters are actually bogans? Since hipsters are now the significant majority of the population?

30 12 2015

I just came across your site today, and I could not stop laughing. However, as an American, I must disagree with the idea that rednecks are the American counterpart to the Australian Bogan. Rednecks are, by and large, rural Southerners, although we have plenty of redneck wannabes here in my native rural Midwest. Bogans, it seems to me, are largely suburbanites. I’m not sure even the term “white trash” would be an appropriate comparative.

We Americans need to find a term to equivalent to Bogan, if for no other reason to describe people that support Donald Trump.

1 03 2016
Margaret D

There are levels of bogan cultures, the clever tradie, who just likes a few beers after work but is trying to make a good life, then you have the really primal bogans, who have no ambition, no manners, they don’t try and change or even like change, the worse ones are the older ones, they have not evolved at all, i dated one recently and it was hell, i was desperate. I would be reading philosophy while he was watching v8s and guzzling cheap beer, so wrong. Thankfully the aussie bloke is more metrosexual these days. My son is down to earth but is intelligent and polite.

8 05 2016
Southerncross Bogan

Love this site.

Just a suggested topic.

Something which I believe has become a mainstay for the bogan is a dash cam.

It’s a must have for the upper middle bogan to show how superior a driver they and how superior in just about everything else, it’s everyone else’s fault in the whole world about everything and they have proof about how it is everyone else being wankers and not them and then they an pass their moral judgement on subjects like parenting and Unaustralianisim based on peoples driving.

18 07 2016

Love your honesty go bogans go!I wanted to confirm what I already worked out. We ared all bogans. It is term invented to assist people to say they are socially better than the average Aussie. What a pity people have to do that to justify their lifestyle. I’d rather be Bogan and live according to what I beive in than be dictated to by others in the fead oc being labelled bogan.

23 07 2016

They should relaunch James Boag’s beers as Jimbo Bogan beers and change BYOB restaurants to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bogan). They should also change the national character reference of of Australia’s larrikin bloke to Australian bogan fuckwit.

5 09 2016

Everything you say here is pretty spot on. You have some original material and I would like to see more, more often.

Perhaps we should collaborate, never know what could happen!

1 07 2017

Names ending in zza

2 05 2018
Les Patterson

For over a decade now, I’ve been venturing over to Japan to go skiing.

The snow is amazing, the queues nonexistent, the service exemplary and the level of cultural development; aspirational.

Unfortunately this paradise has been spoiled somewhat with the invasion of the Snowgan.

The Snowgan is exactly as it sounds; a Bogan in the snow.

The cultural cringe has gotten to the point that the major ski resorts have been over run with them and once quaint quiet villages in the snow now have pissed Snowgans blurting out Barnsey songs late at night and pissing in doorways and other such places.

The Aussie flag is even drapped upon many of them, on Australia Day.


5 06 2018

I think you guys are racist, or should I say classist because I know you’ll make the distinction, as you’re pompous wankers. Bogans appear racist to non-australians, but it’s patriotism. They will throw racist slander at anyone who doesn’t support the bogan code. They will accept a chinaman who wears DB’s, drinks VB, and calls himself an Aussie. The pricks who loudly and proudly flaunt the bogan label aren’t true bogans, and they give us a bad name. They are Housos, loudmouth righteous bludgers. A bogan is humble and hard working. A bogan is simple, not un-educated. A bogan holds respect in high regard, and knows it’s a given amongst kin. A bogan will help an old lady across the street. A bogan will steal from the rich, and give to the poor. Most of all a bogan will belt the shit out of a pretentious wanker who dares to defy the Anzac spirit, the spirit of Boganism…


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