#10 – Last Year’s Designer Drug

27 10 2009

About once a week, on the news, there will be a story about someone overdosing on the ‘latest designer drug’. This is, invariably, a bogan. And the drug is, invariably, not the latest. The illicit pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic one, constantly on the lookout to produce a bigger, cheaper high. These drugs begin to filter through society, and hard-core users and ravers adopt them with glee. Then, once they realise that this new drug is not safe, not very high and certainly not all that cheap, they move on to the next methamphetamine.


It is at about this point that the bogan embraces said raving fuel en masse. By this point in the drug’s life cycle, however, it has begun to be manufactured by ignorant, unschooled junkies in hideously filthy backyard labs, cut with Drano and pushed to the CBD club scene by organised crime.

This cycle continues to its natural – and inevitable – climax; the overdose of about 1,000 bogans at a major rave with medial capitals in the title, like TwoTribes and SummaDayze. Of late, the drug of choice has been GHB, with its delightfully bogan-dyslexic moniker of ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’, although the list is far longer. This type of behaviour tends to follow copious consumption of ketamine, woodies/cruisers and jumping around a lot on the jumping castles in the ‘chill out zone’.

The mass-OD then becomes national news. At which point the bogans’ parents blame society.


This just keeps getting better.



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27 10 2009
I point and laugh at you

Would these be the same drugs that I was offered by Black Eye Pea’s concert goers as I walked past Rod Laver Arena last month?

As a side note, whilst walking past this crowd I noticed a mind boggling number of tramp stamps, various ed hardy garments, lads who had clearly taken up the “getting huge” campaign and subsequent ‘roid usage and boost juice guzzling.

I challenge anyone who does not agree with the blogs on this site to explain the above phenomenon.

27 10 2009



27 10 2009

Dear avid designer drug enthusiast,

it seems as though your come-down has left you tired and emotional. That’s OK, may I suggest some ketamine?

4 11 2009

Judging by your angry CAPS LOCK response, you’ve just revealed yourself as an epic bogan Pooty. haha

16 01 2010

Fail Pooty. Epic Epic fail. You sad sad sad bogan. I imagine you have gone out to satisfy you rage by beating up Indian students

18 01 2010

No, this blog is great! Totally on the money! Especially about the parents, who no doubt went onto ACA or Today Tonight in their matching chav style tracksuits, holding a photo of their spawn, either now deceased or in a vegetative state (note I actually saw one of these once and the photo was in A VB PHOTO FRAME! ) going on about how he was “such a good boy, so loving and generous and never hurt anyone” but if you google the name he was in the news the previous year for glassing someone, more than likely “a cunt”. Fucking sic blog!

2 08 2010
Fiona of Toorak, bestower of largesse


1 12 2010
bob of tumac


6 12 2010


27 10 2009

Ketamine? Bogans coming down pull bongs and listen to Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions, don’t you know.

27 10 2009

Touché on the Ministry of Sound. Methinks it will feature in future posts…

1 11 2009

That’s true – Us Aussies (not just Bogans) love bongs – check out the bong blog on things australians love . com. Came across it today.

27 10 2009
I point and laugh at you

Classic work Pooty, another example of Things Bogans Like- responding to a question or challenge they cannot answer with excessive bad language and shouting to hide their inadequacies.

27 10 2009

We like you a lot.

28 10 2009

I think Pooty makes an excellent point.

28 10 2009

This blog is pure gold.

29 10 2009

*Pooty throws his Von Dutch cap at the wall in anger*

24 12 2009
Right and proud

HAHAHAHA! Funniest visuals….

1 11 2009

I find it interesting that anyone who disagrees with this blog is automatically labelled a bogan…or is it a ‘nouveau bogan’? If that attack doesn’t seem to cut it then we are on to the highly thought provoking method of insulting the persons spelling and grammar. That’ll put them in their place.

Granted Pooty didn’t make the most intelligible contribution but he did have a point.

This blog is very elitist and comes across as somewhat biggoted. Spread the love man, don’t be so hateful.

1 11 2009

Ummm I was at sensation and it seemed the majority were not on some rubbish ” designer drug” but mdma, which has been voted 18th most dangerous drug in contrast to grog ( 5th spot ) MDMA is an amazing drug… it makes you the best of yourself

1 11 2009

MDMA is a chemical that shows up in the odd pill in such low pecentage that it is hardly measurable, Bogans like test kits so they can kid themselves they are taking the good stuff.. I love to watch these clowns testing there new crop of crap and get so excited when it turns purple.Too bad they dont have test kits for all the other poisons that get chucked in.
But i guess its a good way to dumb down an already dumb sector of fools

1 11 2009

I guess you are referring to that eastern suburbs try hard bogan that died years ago Anna Wood?

1 11 2009

You mean the 15 year old girl that succumbed to peer pressure, taking something like six pills (eccys, bikkies, or whatever you want to call them) in a very short period of time? To top it off she had a pre existing medical condition that contributed to her death.

7 11 2009
Michael Thomas

If you’re talking about the same 15 year old girl, Anna Wood, it was one ecstasy tablet and she died from cerebral oedema cause by hyponatraemia, or water intoxication, not a pre-existing condition. Basically, excessive amounts of water are consumed severely lowering sodium levels and cells cannot regulate the uptake of water swelling and eventually rupturing. Five hours passed from when she became ill to when medical attention was sought further contributing to her death.

1 11 2009

Was hard to get much more than pot in my drug taking days. The article reads true and funny though.

On a drug related theme though, I’ve always wondered why the marketing for premature ejaculation drugs seems to be aimed at bogans? The radio ads are always on stations like triple M and typically feature two blokey tradie sounding blokes talking about how they have to get home because Sharon can’t get enough since they got their nasal spray. Are bogans more likely to have premature ejaculation or are they just more likely to buy nasal sprays?

4 11 2009

I disagree berihebi, I think the premature ejaculation commercials are mainly voiced by a 30+ sounding woman.

Could be just the difference in stations we listen to? Maybe Triple M users would feel more comfortable having a voice they can relate to telling them they’re “not alone!”

Not sure?

1 11 2009

is it really necessary to bring up a young girls death on a blog?
its quite insulting, and childish, to call her a “try hard bogan”.
Imagine if Anna Wood was your sister/cousin/friend.

1 11 2009

The point that I was trying to get across exactly

2 11 2009

Is this post implying that the folks at the very forfront of recreational drug development/manufacture/experimentation/use/abuse/addiction are in some way cool and/or not bogan? I like the bogan site, but all recreational drugs are bogan. I also think all music festivals are bogan too.

4 11 2009

Do you really think that the majority of designer drugs are created by bogans? Have a read of PiHKAL? Does Alexander Shulgin look like a bogan? Many smart intelligent people use drugs responsibly every day because they have researched the topics, assessed the risk, and realized that the positive effects greatly outweigh the negatives.
I also know people who became addicts/drug abusers who were not bogans. It is also unfair in my opinion to label proper drug addicts as bogans due to their behavior. I feel as though their behavior is caused by the addiction to their substance of choice and that they need help.

11 11 2009

You reckon that its not a junkies fault he is a junkie? Everybody (except the genuinely mentally disabled perhaps) has the brain power to know that what they are doing isnt good, they have seen junkies, know the associated risks, know it isnt good but still they blast away and suck shit to them, they deserve that fate through their own stupidity.
“their behaviour is caused by the addiction to THEIR SUBSTANCE OF CHOICE” I couldnt have put that better myself, it’s a lifestyle choice and theirs to make.
How can you help someone when they dont want to help themselves?

11 11 2009

Remember Acid – Lysergic acid diethylamide. Now that was a fun drug. Altered states of perception, imagination running riot, keen audio and visual distortions. Much better than MDMA which I tried in the early 80’s – snorting it off restaurant tables with some dreadful Eastern Suburbs Sydney letch who used to run Playboy magazine and hang out with Tom Selleck (Yuk on both counts). Ecstasy was a bore – nothing worse than being in a room with hundreds of people saying “I love you, no, I really love you” and listening to mind-numbing repetitive music. Cocaine and speed were predictable. A bit like modern Australian culture these days.

12 11 2009

Yes Sydney’s eastern suburbs is full of these types of people, and a pretty ordinary area as a whole.

13 12 2009

LSD is and will forever remain my favourite drug but you obviously don’t have a fucking clue when it comes to MDMA. The way you describe it makes it sound shit. Who would want to go up to a complete stranger and talk shit with them while telling all your mates you love them.. Not me.. but what makes you do this..? It’s the fucking euphoria, you feel perfect, everything is right and nothing is wrong for those 3-4 hours. Perfect.

18 04 2010
A. Plum

no matter what drug you’re taking, its not the drug that makes people tell everyone else around that they love them, it is the bogan within.
i think the problem “sceptic” ran into is that you were around shit people.
you cant take drugs to create a good time, only to enhance one, so, if you’re around bogans to begin with, no matter what you take, you’re going to have a shit time.

get high and listen to this:

5 12 2010

In my humble opinion, ecstasy was great back in the late 90’s. It’s not worth even trying now as the quality is such crap. Ecstasy was also used for marriage guidance counselling in the 1930’s & later untilo it became illegal. The benefit is it opens up the third eye & pulls down all the walls & facades, making it a good truth serum. The bad side is the come down is a bitch & you tend to hug people you would normally cross the road to get away from. LSD & other hallucinogenics are too dangerous for me to try. These days the kids are taking K and other crap like B-grade coke, which is $300 a gram. In the USA it is only $50 a gram. No wonder so many people are hooked on the shit.

14 01 2010

They should try some DMT and we watch it blow their tiny minds.

18 01 2010

Love this blog, really.

12 02 2010
the trav

whats worse than a bogan talking about “designer” drugs? someother knob jockey who thinks hes not a bogan talking about “real designer” drugs.

3 03 2010

Whilst Western youth (entering into a state of complacency) are enjoying their little high, the not-so-high Eastern youth (China and India) are working their asses off, saving monies and not certainly spending them on expensive drugs.

29 06 2010

Lee is a tool.
fuck off back to facebook Lee.

2 08 2010

What’s last year’s designer drug this year?

31 08 2010

These blogs make me smile. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who notices the ignorance of the half-witted moron aka bogan.

5 12 2010

Shit ! and all we had to worry about was if the trips were good. Ignorance is not confined to the Bogan.

4 01 2011

I saw a really good expose on ‘Today Tonight’ last week about ‘meow meow’, the latest designer drug scourge invading the suburbs and threatening our children..

Now that the bogan has heard of it via its news source, suffice to say that the quality of the product will drop sharply, ultimately settling around the “shit pills” level. This is because the bogan can be suckered into paying reasonable money for a bag of washing powder, which will invariably lure some enterprising bogans or bikies into trying to cook some up in their garage. It’s a downward spiral to boganic mediocrity, which is a genuine pity. TBL

4 04 2015

Drugs being ‘cut with drano’ is a myth to scare people. Drano just happens to be a base chemical used in biological chemistry, it is merely a source of clean laboratory grade lye. Lye is used as an agent to base mixtures in labs the world over, clandestine as well as pharmaceutical.

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