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#255 – Living Once

#254 – Outrage

#253 – Fifty Shades of Grey

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#237 – Conspiracy Theories

#236 – Sex Addiction

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#217 – Driving Like a Fucking Idiot

#216 – The Real World

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#213 – Other People’s Backyards

#212 – Buying Australian Made

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#210 – Manly Diet Cola

#209 – Tiffany & Co.

#208 – Platinum

#207 – Cheap Petrol

#206 – New Year’s Resolution

#205 – Dickileaks

#204 – Curtis Stone

#203 – Being Smart

#202 – Gerry Harvey

#201 – Palazzo Versace Australia

#200 – Shane Warne

#199 – Decrying Corrupt FIFA Executives

#198 – Losing Weight for Summer

#197 – Toolies

#196 – Farewell Tours

#195 – Impersonating someone who impersonated someone who impersonated Mark Read

#194 – Bandwagons

#193 – Bootcamp

#192 – Theoretical Cunnilingus (V-lick)

#191 – Angus Beef

#190 – Movember

#189 – Jersey Shore

#188 – Our Ava Sydney Hewitt

#187 – Fascinators

#186 – Sporting Memorabilia

#185 – History

#184 – Ducks

#183 – Catholicism

#182 – Lance Armstrong

#181 – Sarcasm

#180 – Footy Trips

#179 – Tradies

#178 – Certainty

#177 – Carbon Offsets

#176 – Zumba

#175 – Car Parks

#174 – Pyramids

#173 – Police Procedurals

#172 – Unsolicited Music Requests

#171 – Being a Pro Photographer

#170 – Michael Bublé

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#168 – Brazil

#167 – DFO

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#165 – Sequels

#164 – Full-Body Rigidity

#163 – Executive Consultant Account Coordination Management

#162 – Footpaths Outside Nightclubs

#161 – The Brisbane Broncos

#160 – EmotionDrums™

#159 – Australia’s First Female Prime Minister

#158 – Party Buses

#157 – Paintball

#156 – All Things Fast and/or Furious

#155 – Krispy Kreme

#154 – Coloured Ribbons

#153 – The Casino

#152 – Nutri Grain

#151 – Clashing With Reporters

#150 – Ned Kelly

#149 – Homophobia

#148 – Wii Fit

#147 – Wine Tours

#146 – Our Sam Stosur

#145 – Hot Asian Chicks

#144 – Home Fitness Equipment

#143 – David Guetta

#142 – Buying a Snowboard

#141 – Suiting Up

#140 – Ill-Informed Analysis of the Qu’ran

#139 – Bear Grylls

#138 – The Third Dimension!

#137 – Their Taxpayer Dollars

#136 – Foreign Tattoos

#135 – The Logies

#134 – Pre-Mixed Drinks

#133 – Celebrities’ Opinions

#132 – Aussie Hip Hop

#131 – Short Courses

#130 – Celebrity Fragrances

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#128 – Scapegoats

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#126 – Hey, Hey It’s Saturday

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#124 – Anal

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#121 – The Lynx Effect

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#119 – April Fool’s Day

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#115 – Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

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#104 – Road Rage

#103 – Max Markson

#102 – Red Carpet Specials

#101 – A Current Affair

#100 – Brendan Fevola

#99 – Today/Tonight

#98 – Doing as Simon Says

#97 – Anti-intellectualism

#96 – Late Night Logistics

#95 – Freedom of Speech

#94 – P!nk

#93 – Spurious Allergies

#92 – News Limited

#91 – Reality TV

#90 – Baby (brand)

#89 – Their Children on Facebook

#88 – Premium SMS Services

#87 – La Porchetta’s

#86 – Melanin

#85 – Residential Property Investment

#84 – SMS Speak

#83 – Twenty/Twenty Cricket

#82 – Nike Shoxmax

#81 – Ministry of Sound

#80 – Fashion Statements

#79 – Big Things

#78 – André Rieu

#77 – Poker Nights

#76 – McMansions

#75 – Velvet Ropes

#74 – Border Security: Australia’s Front Line

#73 – Paper Planes

#72 – X

#71 – Overseas Day

#70 – Tennis

#69 – Megachurches

#68 – Functional Water

#67 – Southern Cross Tattoos

#66 – Glassing Cunts

#65 – Frangipani Stickers

#64 – Guitar Hero

#63 – Formal Living Areas

#62 – Sarah Jessica Parker

#61 – (Even More) Ed Hardy

#60 – Going to Work in the Mines

#59 – Joining Moronic Facebook Groups

#58 – Hugh Hefner

#57 – New Year’s Eve

#56 – Post-Christmas Sales

#55 – Chrisco

#54 – Thailand

#53 – Their Pre-baby Weight

#52 – Telethons

#51 – Tribal Tattoos

#50 – Discount Airlines

#49 – Faux Lesbianism

#48 – The Corbys

#47 – “Fuck Off, We’re Full” Stickers

#46 – Weddings: Photos

#45 – Weddings: Her Big Day

#44 – Weddings: The Buck’s/The Hen’s

#43 – Weddings: The Preparations

#42 – Weddings: The Courtship

#41 – Kings of Leon

#40 – Commercial Radio

#39 – “Political Correctness Gone Mad”

#38 – Finding God

#37 – The Secret

#36 – Self Help Books

#35 – Puppetry of the Penis

#34 – Sexpo

#33 – The Australian Victory at Gallipoli

#32 – Glamour Photography

#31 – Couture

#30 – Fad Diets

#29 – 3-Park Superpass!

#28 – “Holdens”

#27 – Rove

#26 – Malapropisms

#25 – Voting

#24 – Underbelly

#23 – Locally Produced, Foreign Label Beer

#22 – Cover Bands

#21 – Massive Cans

#20 – Painting

#19 – Killing Things

#18 – Petrol Consumption as Recreation

#17 – The Melbourne Cup

#16 – Uninformed Gambling

#15 – Personalised Numberplates

#14 – Sexualising Their Children

#13 – Misspelling Their Kids’ Names

#12 – Christian Audigier

#11 – Ruining Music Festivals

#10 – Last Year’s Designer Drug

#9 – Getting Huge

#8 – Contiki Tours

#7 – Books; After the Film Release

#6 – Prefacing Racist Statements With “I’m not racist but…’

#5 – Boost Juice

#4 – No Deposit, No Interest, No Repayments for 18 Months!

#3 – Tramp Stamps

#2 – Buddhist Iconography as Home Furnishings

#1 – Arbitrary Thievery

Bogan Extreme Sport

1,458 responses

20 03 2011

classifying sport stars as “heroes”

24 10 2011

Yeah, sorry but I think the Ancient Greeks came up with that…

9 11 2011

You could write an article about Bogan word usage, such as using “loose” in place of “lose”?

11 11 2011

Hmmm don’t think so, but I’m as guilty of typos and malapropisms as the next person…

1 02 2012

This cunt’s obviously a bogan

18 02 2012


23 03 2011

CUB. Cashed Up Bogan. Old school bogan’s had flannies, loved the chisel & shagged in the back of a panel van. These new bogans are lame.

23 03 2011

They’re quite ghastly aren’t they. At least the old school bogan knew it’s place and was quite aware and comfortable with how inferior it was. Well, maybe not completely, but relatively speaking.

11 11 2011

Just wondering: do you prefer your ‘bogans’ poor? If they are rich, does that really offend you?

3 01 2012
Lord Boofhead

Well Poor Bogans had an excuse for being culturally deprived. The CUB has no such excuse…

31 03 2011

your just a bunch a soft cock snob cunts

Thanks for playing! TBL

1 04 2011

Evidence of an electronic engineer hard at work reprogramming a back end server while wearing Ed Hardy and those horrid raban slipper/shoe things might constitute an adequate riposte but alas this is what we get – further proof of devolution *sigh*

25 07 2011


24 10 2011

I wouldn’t put it that way but I have to say that there is a lot of stuff on this website that I get angry about. I mean, I hate racism and this website is full of the most ridiculous racist comments imaginable.

PS I don’t think you can simultaneously be a cock and a cunt unless you are a hermaphrodite…

1 11 2011

Can you incorporate this as a real-life example somewhere??

21 12 2011

You are is You’re NOT your

1 04 2011

Dr Dre Headphones

13 04 2011

Him – “Everlast” shirt, sweater or singlet. Her – D & G on the rims of her glasses, Vehicle – “My Family” stick figure stickers. Welcome to Melbourne outer south-east.

13 04 2011

Calling people “haters”. When I become President there will be mandatory sentencing for this. Possibly with some kind of corporal punishment involved.

14 04 2011

oh god yes. along with using the term ‘un-australian’, i disregard anything said by someone who calls people ‘haters’.

14 04 2011

“Un-Australian” makes me want to reach for the vom bucket. When you boil it all down it is such an arrogant and bigoted thing to say.

28 01 2013

It’s a term used to justify their mob mentality. I take it as a compliment because it means I am not following anything vaguely resembling bogan terminology.

14 04 2011

It has become a bit much.
Anything some 20 cent millionaire doesnt agree with they automatically label it bogan. Things Aussies and Wogs have done for years.

24 10 2011

There are a few people on this website who label anything ‘bogan’ just because they feel like it.

16 04 2011

Pffft half the people on this site fit in to the category of hipster.

That’s 1000000 times worse than bogen could ever be. lol

I’m sorry but just like the poor bogan, you have been labeled also

*waits for ” things hipsters hate site to pop up’

20 04 2011

bit behind there – it’s already been done – look up ‘stuff white people like’ – I think there’s a link to it on this site

19 04 2011
Phil S

On the very reasonable assumption that there IS intelligent life “out there”, with high-speed (trans light speed) capability, why are “they” not visiting us and assisting in our development?

. . . They read sites like this, do the basic research, and come to the inevitable conclusion; “avoid that third inhabitable planet, around “that” star on the outer western spiral of “that” Galaxy – they are all nutters / ferals / NOT “Mostly Harmless”!!

Boys and Girls – welcome to the equivalent of the Galactic Boondocks / Trailer Park!

21 04 2011

G-Star Raw (?)

21 04 2011

Deep fat fryers (in their own home).

Mirrored wardrobe doors.

A perception that minorities (esp. Aborigines and Muslims) get special treatment from the government and cannot be convinced otherwise despite piles of evidence to the contrary.

A sense of pride in being ignorant.

Scientists and intellectuals are elitist wankers trying to destroy the “Australian way of life”. Except for the ones that invent the stuff they like.

24 10 2011

I own a deep fryer. With it I make french fries, doughnuts and tempura. My wife makes whitebait fritters and Dutch doughnuts.

24 10 2011

Seriously, does owning a deep fryer (and using it) make me a bogan?

Actually what is a bogan? How can you be sure this category even exists?

11 11 2011
James Hunter

Hope you have good health insurance and an annual angiogram !
I also hope you have a Greesy Spoon size extractor fan . all those fat fumes condense on the wall cupboards ceiling, yuckm immagine trying to paint the place

11 11 2011
Simon - Teh Interwebz Ninja


Do you own a Dutch Oven?

3 01 2012
Lord Boofhead

Same here I cook all sorts of stuff in mine,

In fact the average bogan gets his greasy food cooked at the local take away….

I use it once in a blue moon but there is some shit you just can’t cook any other way…

18 04 2012
chi chi

The bogan sees the deepfryer as the ultimate kitchen appliance……it can cook all their favourite foods. Defiantly a bogan measurement. It ticks all the boxes.

22 04 2011
bogan proud

someones jealous that they have to pay us bogan tradies to come out and fix there house/cars/ect while there sitting in there 9-5 desk job wondering if there wives are staying faithful to them, thats another thing we like saying bogan proud

26 04 2011

TBL #872. Being Slow On The Uptake.

This one has taken eighteen months to work out he has been insulted. Awesone work.

26 04 2011

Awesome. Damn!

28 04 2011
chris - Bogan Whisperer to the Rich and Famous

Hey that’s ok, BP. My address book has more than enough tradies who wipe their feet at the front door, don’t fantasise about shagging my wife and can communicate at a fourth-grade plus level. You can go, now.

22 05 2011

Um, just because you’re a tradie it doesn’t make you a bogan? Also, there are fucking millions of bogans in desk jobs, it is a very bogan profession as well!
also, your comment didn’t make any sense, why would the wives of a non-bogan cheat? :S

22 05 2011
James Hunter

Tom, Same reason any one cheats, its exciting variety

28 09 2011
Grammar Nazi

*someone’s, *their, *they’re, *their, *that’s.

Another trait for a bogan:

Someone who doesn’t know the difference between there, their and they’re and doesn’t place an apostrophe where necessary.

11 11 2011

Actually, that’s not necessarily an indication of anything. People who type fast make mistakes with spelling. A spelling error on a blog posting isn’t very serious….

11 11 2011
James Hunter

People who are obsessed by trivia realy need to go spend some quality time looking for a life. Most likely they wouldn’t recognise it when they found it.
These type fold the ends of the toilet paper and paper napkins, they wear the paint of their cars by washing the objects of their adulation twice a week.
Most likely have air freshners in every room and alcohol hand gel dispensers along side.
Most often you will find they have un-naturally tidy desk tops saying to anyone who listen that an orderly desk is the sign of an orderly mind.
I prefer to trell them that an empty desk is the sign of an empty mind !

22 04 2011

Dear Author of Things Bogans Like, whoever you are:

will you marry me?

We’d say yes, but there are six of us. That would be illegal. Or Mormon. And icky. TBL

22 05 2011
James Hunter

TBL was that ment to be Icky or Sticky ?

24 10 2011

Sophie, why do you want to marry the author (s) of this website?? Do you love prejudice that much?? Do you hate bogans that much?? If so, tell us why!

11 11 2011
James Hunter

Sticky !

29 04 2011
Fleur Radford

Australian Bogans love slagging off the Australian / Queensland Labour Party (USA democrat equivalent) as though that makes ’em upper class!

I think they got this from America where 200 billion workers seem to vote for a party that would never return their phone calls just coz they hate abortions!

30 04 2011

1. Holden Commodores
2. Supre
3.Young Boys putting tips in their hair
4. Bieber Fever
5. “No Offence”
6. Darren to Dazza, Shane to Shazza, and any nickname

2 05 2011

Imprted rice burners are far worse than Commodores, more bogan these days too.

24 10 2011

Actually, anyone who drives a car is a bogan!! If you don’t want to be a bogan, you should walk, ride a bike, take a bus, train or taxi.

Private car ownership is the most bogan thing in the world

(PS I am just stirring. I know that ‘bogan’ is just an invented word and there’s not really any such thing!)

11 11 2011

omg Shazza is only Sharon to me! Do some people abbreviate Shane to Shazza?? Are you telling me that shane warne is really shazza warnie??

sounds totes middle easten to me!

2 05 2011

Twitter. The Logies are currently outtrending Osama ffs.

6 05 2011

#226. Posting numerous responses on blogs.

26 01 2012
moar caek

hey, that’s me!

10 05 2011

Faux Wheel Drives – Ostentatious vehicles for the boguette to drive La-a and Munique to school before making a quick trip to DFO.

14 05 2011

the salvos

11 11 2011

No way are the Salvos bogan. The salvos transcend all class categories!!

3 01 2012
Lord Boofhead

More Hipsters there these days. And private run second hand clothes shop owners buying stuff to sell to even more stupid hipsters for 5 times the price..

20 05 2011
Miss P

Bogan teenage girls with fake nails, hair extensions, hitched-up school skirts and splotchy fake-tan. Sigh. Does it ever end?

30 05 2011

-Owning more cars than they need

-Complaining about the price of petrol

-Not believing in climate change

-Complaining about the cost of living (Foxtel is a necessity ya know)

7 06 2011

Soft roader cars
Wearing track suit pants as formal attire
Gold chunky bracelets
Most tattoos
supposedly cute small noisy dogs that shit everywhere
Massive “home theatre” televisions
the expression “love youse” as a farewell
Houses with fake columns at the front door
Perms on males
Fake Tan
Hip hop style baseball cap
smoking a cigarette right down to the but using three fingers to hold it, with the back of your hand facing away from you.
Being the special one in your family because you have an inside dunny (cashed up bogan)
Zanerobe/Lonsdale T-shirts
Australia love it or leave it car sticker
Having a bulky upper body and skinny legs (from weights/boxing training)
Not getting why a very strong dollar is bad news

7 06 2011

One for your list: Brighton.

8 06 2011

…and if they make it to London, spending all their time at the Walkabout getting drunk with other bogan Aussies

8 06 2011

Can we add planking to the list too?

10 06 2011

please do. it doesn’t get any more bogan than that!

11 11 2011

Spending a gap year in London

11 11 2011
Simon - Teh Interwebz Ninja

Are you on day release again Jesse?

11 11 2011
James Hunter

Simon, It is Jesse’s Good Behaviour Reward. That and a Koala stamp on the back of the left hand !
If she does it for a whole week she gets a gold stick on star on her homework book.

11 11 2011
Simon - Teh Interwebz Ninja

And Dozer gets to give him #124 when he returns to the facility.

3 01 2012
Lord Boofhead

Gap year is a Private School Kiddy/Hipster thing.

Plus one has to go to Uni to have a ‘Gap Year’…

9 06 2011

‘Asian’ Food – I work in a Malaysian restaurant and I wish i get a dollar for every bogan who comes in and ask if we sell dim sims. And when they find out that we don’t they start asking me about Chinese food ‘staples’ like sweet and sour pork/ honey chicken and then move on to Thai food items like Pad Thai. They usually settle for a special fried rice and some ‘roti bread’ and (mild) curry. You would think that they would have read the menu before coming into the restaurant but who am I kidding, they probably don’t understand half of it anyway.

They probably think that since all Asian people look the same, their food must be similar too.

13 08 2011

PEOPLE WHO SAY “YOUS” / “YOUZ” / “YAS” (and I assume they’re NOT referring to more than one female sheep, which would be actually be “ewes”).

15 06 2011

calling problems on the news a “debarkle”

15 06 2011
James Hunter

Is that not what they do to noisey dogs ?

1 07 2011

Party planning (and the misconception they will get rich from it). This applies more specifically to the females.

1 07 2011

Debutante balls

2 07 2011
James Hunter

didn’t think debutantes had balls ?

13 07 2011

pretty sure that list covers everyone.. we are all a bogan in someones eyes….

15 07 2011
Nurse Roodaal

What about roadside memorials to their now-dead drunk-driver friends, complete with football scarves and Jim Beam cans? Bogan Gold!

There’s a whole article right there.

19 07 2011
Bogi Wan Kenobi

Well, correct me if I am wrong here, but don’t bogan’s like taking the piss out of things? Which is what most of you crew on here are doing is it not?
Egads they display Bogan tendencies ha ha.

Signed; 6ft of pure Bogan

22 07 2011
chris - embedded correspondent in the dirty south

The bogue is strong in this one.

23 07 2011
Bogi Wan Kenobi

The smug is strong with this one

15 11 2011


22 07 2011
chris - embedded correspondent in the dirty south

Agreed, Nurse. And the sad little P-plated rice-rocket pilots are almost always lauded in the local press as “promising football players”. Like I give a sh!t.

24 10 2011

This seems insensitive. If someone erects a memorial to a loved one who has died, I don’t think there’s any reason to attack them. It is a cheap shot to label everyone who has died in traffic accidents as a “drunk-driver”. It is pretty mean-spirited!!

10 11 2011
Bogan Observer correspondent

Just spare us the roadside monuments to Self-Stupidity then

25 07 2011

Cadel Evans

26 07 2011

Reading these articles is like watching a Chimpanzee playing with a scientific calculator. The Baboons, Monkeys and Apes all watch on in awe…. For God’s sake get some Kierkegaard into yourselves TBL.

3 01 2012

Is Kierkergaard the same 70-proof as Jagermeister?

3 01 2012
James Hunter

Only Pussies drink Jagermeister.
Real men drink “Pure Polish Spirit” 140 Proof

5 01 2012

What is Jagermeister ?

26 01 2012
moar caek

Kierkegaard is a plagarist and a christian

26 01 2012


Plagarism is ok, TBL wouldn’t even exist without it. We all know the Authors of TBL blatantly copied Stuff White People Like with their Socialist twist….

You first year Uni types are such fun.

10 08 2011

can you switch fender stratocasters for “cheap knockoff guitars” or “guitars with flame designs painted on”.

another bogan list is “sending only the smart kid to high school”

11 08 2011

Burning & looting London!!!!

14 08 2011

Calling yourself a “professional” just because you do a white collar job.

14 08 2011
James Hunter

Great idea but i would go further and make it simply
any one : who describes themself as a professional.

15 08 2011

I don’t know much about engineering but I’m pretty sure I’d be happy for most of them to call themselves professionals. I’ve a good idea how hard it is having dropped out of mech eng. Same with high level surgeons. GPs, no.

But for the most part it’s like working at channel nein and calling yourself a journalist.

15 08 2011
Peter Thornton

Oh, James Hunter, I would go even further and make it simply any one : (sic) who describes themselves as talent (based on an appearance of Australia’s Got Talent).

15 08 2011

Anyone who says “Yous” / “Youz” (and my guess is they’re not talking about more than one female sheep, which would in fact be “ewes”).

15 08 2011
Mick - Flying With Bogans Since 2008

My dad loves to tell the story of when he was teaching, he was going to yell at a kid called Hughes. Walks into the classroom and says “Hughes, stand up!”

The whole class stood up.

That was 50 years ago. I call Old School Bogan on that one.

15 08 2011
Peter Thornton

Yes, and anyone else named Lulu…

26 08 2011

When are you Fabians going to write an article on Trade Unions ? This is the Institution that defines the Bogan. It is the University in which we are taught that the world owes us everything.

1 09 2011

1. Thinking that the Mad Max trilogy is a lifestyle documentary, and Jersey Shore is ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’… to be aspired to.

2. Having Zyzz as a role model (or Katie Price, if you are a boganita).

3. failing to understand that all the cars at Bathurst are THE SAME FUCKING CAR, just some are red and some are blue (confused by the slightly different shaped headlights).

4. Thinking that using terms like ‘Mirrin’ and ‘Jelly’ makes them cool.

5. Telling you the story of their tattoo.

6. Telling you about how much fun they had in London – going to The Church, the running of the bulls, the Bavarian beerfest, and then travelling round Europe in a kombi for 2 months before heading back to Oz. Via Thailand.

7. Watching ‘Outrageous Fortune’ ritually, then posting about it on Facebook.

8. Thinking it’s really funny to walk around London wearing a t-shirt that says “I support The All Blacks/Wallabies (pick personally relevent bogan rugby heroes) … and anyone playing against England”.

9. Believe that hanging a tarp along the edge of the deck is home renovation

10. Believe that lino and formica are perfectly acceptable products for home and pub

11. Beleive that a rats tail or platted pony-tail are acceptable hair styles for men (and are secretly waiting for the mullet to make a comeback).

12. Fail to understand why ‘The Castle’ is such a funny movie.

5 09 2011

So sick of seeing naked baby photoshots on Facebook. Trying to to look classy in black and white, and little Kodi-May wearing only a hat. SO BOGAN!

5 09 2011


6 09 2011

Yep, Bogans love certainty. You should hear some of the footy journos whinging about how they have to wait until the end of the year to find out what people like Tom Scully and Mick Malthouse are going to be doing next year. They want it to be like the NRL where players and coaches often announce that they’ll be moving on at the end of the season well before the season is over. But what difference does it make if you find out now or later on?

6 09 2011

How about a “Things Muzzas Like” list? I’d do it myself but I don’t know enough about them,

6 09 2011
Ja Nei

Oh man you guys are so lame. I know you’re think you’re cool and I understand your need to set yourselves apart from the degenerate mass of convict trash that makes up the naturalized population of this country. However, the fact is that you are all the same, and that is stupid vulgar trash.

9 09 2011

Glamour photos!

9 09 2011

Bloody Ella!
It’s #32

10 09 2011

The first Underbelly wasn’t great but it was watchable. The sequels have been terrible. Anyone wanting to make good Australian crime dramas should use the ABC’s Blue Murder or the film Animal Kingdom as their templates.

13 09 2011

Hipsters like St Paddy’s Day too:

As for Guinness, I drank it once. Once!

So if hipsters and bogans like St Patrick’s Day who doesn’t?

17 09 2011

Re certainty: How upset was the media with Ross Lyon? They obviously resented the fact that he left StKilda for Freo because

a) He blindsided them.

b) They didn’t leak the story first

c) They missed out on speculating about Mark Harvey getting the sack, which they love to do because when they speculate about a coach getting sacked and then he gets sacked it makes them feel important.

20 09 2011

I’m surprised ‘planking’ hasn’t made the list yet. I like my bogans inanimate, goddammit.

22 09 2011
mullet 111

giving cunts shit for not having a mullet

23 09 2011
Taariq Hassan

there should be whole entries for JB HI FI and JJJ.

26 09 2011
pet walking sping

Undeniably imagine that that you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the easiest thing to take into accout of. I say to you, I certainly get irked whilst other people think about issues that they just do not realize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and defined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

29 09 2011
Simon - Glasser at Arms, Constant source of Randomness


2 01 2012

pet walking sping.
So it’s YOU who writes Asian t shirt statements…..

26 09 2011

You can add the Royal Melbourne Show as a thing Bogans Like. I went there today and my God the Bogans were disproportionately represented. I reckon there’s another website in it. It could be like the People of Walmart site and feature user-submitted photos of overweight, poorly dressed, or awkward looking people at the various Royal Shows from around Australia. It’d be hilarious.

11 11 2011

Since you were there, doesn’t that make you a bogan?? If ‘attendance at the royal melbourne show’ is something that you are proposing is an indicator of boganity, then you just ticked that box, huh?

28 09 2011
Grammar Nazi

– Not understanding why Kath and Kim is funny. To them it’s just like watching a documentary of their own lives.

24 10 2011

Aren’t The Castle and Kath and Kim only funny to bogans?? I thought that anyone who wasn’t a bogan would just cringe at watching these shows!!

28 10 2011

I think The Castle is loved by most Australians, whereas Kath & Kim fell into the “beating a dead horse” category a long time ago… so is therefore almost exclusively loved by just the bogans.

29 09 2011

They love the idea of the sex offender registry and capital punishment.

24 10 2011

Shayne, according to this website, you have a bogan-rogan ‘y’ in your name.

If you don’t want to be bogan, you have to change your name to Shane

1 10 2011

Beer ads: Full of Bogan males and females who look like models, because life’s like that.

1 10 2011
James Hunter

I must admit to loveing the Deer, Beer add. esp’ the 3 or 4 does in the rest room and the kiss at the window. sweet.

8 10 2011
Caleb Tumanako

I think the more disturbing trend I’ve seen lately comes from facebook photos of the bogan male posting a picture of himself with his mates, completely naked, holding and covering his ball sack and dick up with his hand while posing in some erotic fashion. It boggles my mind that this isn’t deemed gay at all with their usually rampant homophobic attitudes, just crazy good LOL fun with ur mates. Fucking idiots.

10 10 2011

Needs a listing for golf – the latest bogan obsession

10 10 2011

You need to talk to martin…

1 11 2011

I would have thought that if you wanted to invent a bogan sport, it would be cycling?

1 11 2011
James Hunter

Be careful, Simon has cycled the French Alps.

1 11 2011
Simon - Glasser at Arms, Constant source of Randomness

Indeed I did, and I’m here to tell you no Aussie bogan would, far too hard. And what’s with those people not speaking English or having proper food?

12 10 2011

I noticed Thailand on the list but how about the sudden emergence of Bogan Travel Experts on Bali …not that I’m a travel snob but please no more banging on about understanding the culture of Indonesia when all you did was get maggoted in Kuta.

Also….Thomas Sabo/Pandora jewellery.

15 10 2011

pandora is already on the list – number 117.

13 10 2011

The Gold Coast…bogan paradise

20 10 2011

C’mon TBL the silence is deafening. We know you are all tied up Occupying Melbourne, but I’m getting desperate for my fix…

23 10 2011
Special K

The show Wipeout should be on here. It’s a poor man’s MXC or takeshi’s castle.

26 10 2011
Marko of Manly

Please check out todays Sydney Morning Herald ( or The AGE equivalent) sporned on the Gold Coast it epitomises Bogan Bliss – “My Family ” stickers for the back window of your boganmobile at a littlemore than the cost of a macfamily meal you can project to the world your brady bunch togetherness.

27 10 2011

Being able to dish it, but unable to take it.
Case in point: The outraged bogan stupigasm over the Simpsons episode that laughed at Australia.

29 10 2011

Unsubscribe. TBL is getting boring.

1 11 2011

Yeah I agree. This website seems to be four of five guys reiterating the same bigoted crap ad infinitum. Bogans don’t even exist. People who are defensive or insecure just invented them to make themselves feel superior or something…

1 11 2011
James Hunter

I resemble that remark.
I think maybe you are part of a Libtard takeover funded by Foney Rabbits slushpuppy fund ?
In any case as you havent come back to me about Thomas Malthus and his essays on population I am Miffed.
Simon has cycled the French Alps.
Good news. France Russia and China no longer have positve population growth.
See some one else read Thomasd Malthus!!!
Enlighten your self, go visit my website. We are taking bookings for christmas new year parties NOW

11 11 2011

what is a libtard?? A libertarian crossed with a retard?? I only admit to being a libertarian, not a retard! Thimas Malthus was a libertarian (yey) but he was also, unfortunately a retard (nay)

11 11 2011
James Hunter

Liberal and Bastard I believe.
Malthus did get some things ,like the corn laws , wrong but then he was both a minister of religion and a member of parliament ! Only need to look at foney rabbit and he only trained to be a priest ! just something else he never got right !

11 11 2011

A libtard is a latte lefty, chardonnay socialist, hipster and so on.

1 11 2011

I think “LOL” should be on this list.

3 11 2011

This site is a quintessence of bogany. Get a life.

4 11 2011


4 11 2011
James Hunter

Maybe Bogany is the town where Bogans practice their Boganity ?

10 11 2011

Cycling is actually the ultimate anti-bogan sport. It doesn’t use up any petrol or other fossil fuels, it requires fitness and endurance, lycra (which the bogan is undoubtedly wont to say something homophobic about), paying a reasonable amount of money for something other than a car with a V8 engine or a huge TV, and most rides take a few hours, more time than the bogan is prepared to invest in anything besides watching the Bathurst 1000.

24 11 2011

Cycling definitely doesn’t involve lycra and nor does it involve “paying a reasonable amount of money”.

Cycling is cheap and lycra free!

24 11 2011
James Hunter

Lycra is to encourage audience participation.

4 12 2011
11 11 2011

Things Bogan’s like? Making a comment on how you must be ‘sexually frustrated’ if they catch you peeling the label off your beer. Like, that is the be all and end all of psychological theory – watch out Freud.

13 11 2011
James Hunter

What say you about those that stick their toungs into the end of their beer bottles inbetween pouring the thin stream of golden juice down their gullets ? Jung would grow old Adler would be addled anf Freud would think it a fraud ?

21 11 2011

Kyle Fucking Sandilands.

26 11 2011

Has anyone seen the TV commercial for Blue print homes over in Western Australia? Appeals to bogan families and their craving of McMansion homes, check it out here for laugh;
Is the dad wearing a travisty t-shirt?
“and with all the money I save I can buy some new toys!”.. typical bogan philosophy..

28 11 2011
VB’s new marketing tactic: pretend not to be VB. «

[…] fanfare within a few months of release. Here’s a shot of this extinct beast, in all its maxtreme […]

6 12 2011

I must say I am quite shocked TBL has left out the one of bogan’s favourite things. You’ve touched on it briefly, and I was given a glimmer of hope thinking it would be expanded upon at a later date. Unfortuntely not. I am suprised TBL has mentioned racism and homophobia without sexism. Sexism and misogyny is a huge part of the bogan landscape.

9 12 2011
Whistling Nixie

TBL #250: Rigid gender roles.

8 12 2011
James Hunter

Kyle (is fucked ) Sandilands ?

17 12 2011
James Tiger

I dunno. I used to find this site amusing a year or two ago but recently I reckon it’s been going downhill. I agree the old flannelette shirt, mullet, VB, packet of Winfield stereotype is becoming increasingly irrelevant but I can’t help thinking you’re trying to completely redefine the word “bogan”. This site also seems to be showing more of a political agenda. I’m no fan of Andrew Bolt but I can see two sides to that one. Despite all the howls of “political correctness gone mad” I don’t think it’s quite as simple as he’s been shown to be a racist in court and only a bogan would think otherwise. Besides isn’t saying “this is my point of view and anyone who disagrees is a bogan” pretty much the same as a “bogan” saying “this is my point of view and anyone who disagrees is a faggot”? Btw if this site goes full circle and turns in on itself to the point where everyone’s a bogan I saw it coming.

Yes, bogans and non-bogan civil libertarians found themselves oddly aligned on the Bolt case – it was an amusing alliance. TBL

18 12 2011
James Hunter

like a once in a thousand year alignment of the stars ?

21 12 2011

How about Bali as a holiday destination and Bintang singlets

24 01 2012
moar caek

thailand/bali, bintang/singha whatever.

21 12 2011

Rugby League is as bogan as you can get

24 01 2012
moar caek

footy is footy is footy, it’s hard to pick one over another.
I have proven extensively in other comments that the New Age Bogan with which this blog is chiefly concerned, likes soccer.

21 12 2011

2Day FM & TipleM

21 12 2011

Oh yeah, Black SUV’s & 4WD’s some with bull bars used by mothers to pick up kids from school.

You were smugly correcting someone on “your” versus “you’re”, but you’re using apostrophes on plurals. Yikes. TBL

21 12 2011
James Hunter

Good hit, TBL,
Down with Padants and Grammer Nazis

1 01 2012
James Hunter

Simon,moar and everyone else,
Best of the New Year to everyone.
MrsH and I have just come back from an emergency visit to th 24/7 vet.
Our youngest Beagle (3 1/2 judt died from we think a hearty attack.
We are both devastated.

2 01 2012

Ouch, sorry to hear that James.

Happy New Year to youse, and TBL, hope TBL keeps the posts coming. But I’ll forgive them if they don’t seeing as there are so many.

7 01 2012
James Hunter


2 01 2012
Simon - Teh Interwebz Ninja

That sucks JH. All the best to you and the Mrs H. Stay well.

7 01 2012
James Hunter

Thanks, Simon, Sucks Big Time.

24 01 2012
moar caek

aww jesus. so sorry to hear that.
too young.
belated comiserations.
the tragedy of owning pure breeds.

7 01 2012

Surprising to find no Summernats in the list- What I thought to be the Ultimate gathering of the Bogan, with all the symptoms-
Driving like Fucking Idiots in “Holdens”
Live Aussie Hip Hop
Oceans of Personalised Number Plates
“Go catch some real Criminals!!!!”
to name a few

23 01 2012

How would you like to contribute your content to a and the anti bogan page???

24 01 2012
James Hunter

Pro dick,
Why for dost though ask ?

25 01 2012

My personal bogan favourite is people that use ‘f’ at the beginning of a word insead of ‘th’. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

Fink – Think
Fanks – Thanks
Firsty -Thirsty
Featre -Theatre
Firty – Thirty
Fick – Thick

…oh I could go on forever. Are they lazy or just illiterate…or both?

25 01 2012
James Hunter

Just as bad are thos who drop their “H”‘s ?

24 02 2012
Fiona of Mount Lawley

Neither. When I was in school, we were taught phonics. They don’t do this anymore, sadly.

The articulation of speech is a skill, and skills are the result of education. Some sounds are harder to form than others. The “th” sound is one of them. In their formative years, teachers and parents either oblige children to repeat until they have it right, or say “Eh, that’s near enough”. Consequently some people never learn to pronounce some of the diphthongs.

Some numpties may even decide that a child’s speech impediment is cute and not only fail to remedy it, but encourage it. Something which is adorable in a ten year old, is pitiable in a thirty year old.

Irregularities in the formation of the buccal cavity, particularly the hard palette, make certain sounds harder or impossible to learn.

24 02 2012

hehe…come to the Pilbara. Lots of chatter on radios makes the poor speech stand out even more.

Lots of Penriff Panfers supporters out here.

29 01 2012

Things that TBL likes :
1) Hippy Skulls Burning the Flag.

30 01 2012

* Having an irrational hatred of specific reality TV contestants…. yeah

6 02 2012

# 251 – Bintang singlets

13 02 2012

Saying ‘oh no she didn’t’ over and over
polluting buses with their phone music
sitting in bus malls in large numbers
asking for ‘a ciggy’
missing teeth

15 02 2012

“Oh no she didn’t” *clicks fingers*
Quick, can somebody grab me a ciggy and my missing molar.

20 02 2012

Things TBL Likes :

#2 :

A proficient and knowledgable Socialist.

21 02 2012

# 252 – My Kitchen Rules

17 03 2012

braking shit

23 03 2012

Bogan girls with necklaces with their names on. Do they need to remind themselves in moments of clarity?

26 03 2012
26 03 2012
James Hunter

Arrkh Jimmmy , too much infomation.

30 04 2012

I expected this list to be funny, but it was pretty unamusing. Many of the items listed aren’t representative of the bogan population, so it’s not accurate enough to be humorous. Take a trip out to Blacktown and do some research.

Dear anonymous, righteous web surfer,
Some of the titles are deliberate decoys. All are hyperlinks to articles that explain in detail. However, we agree with all of your points, and are willing to offer you a 100% refund on your money. TBL

2 05 2012

ahhhh, you gotta love that TBL money back guarentee! I wont shop anywhere else for Bogan opinions. This site is headed for greatness. time to list on the ASX lads!

9 05 2012

Headed for greatness ??

This website is now about as popular as the Fabian Federal Government. I suspect the lads have packed up and headed for France. Socialists are giving away money there now. Get on the Bandwagon !!

18 05 2012

Things bogans like: Murdoch daily tabloids. Simplistic solutions to complex international geo political issues eg. Why don’t we just nuke the Middle East?

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