Friday Boganomics – CateGate

3 06 2011

The question of climate change has long been a vexed one for the bogan. During the mid-00s, when the weight of public opinion began swinging behind the scientific consensus, and the need to take action about it, the polling suggested that the bogan jumped on board. Far be it for the bogan to stand out from the crowd with its opinions – only with its brightly hued attire and accessories. However, much of this support was predicated on the notion that the bogan would not have to do anything in particular to remedy the climate change problem.

When confronted with the entirely unwelcome idea that an increased cost of pollution was the price of solving the climate problem, the bogan’s throbbing cognitive dissonance gland turned as red as a Greek balance sheet. The bogan now stood against a heinous tax. Not because it was lying earlier about its willingness to pay for change, but that it had reconsidered the science, and now believed the science to be incorrect. With decades of experience studying the climatic data, and a daily dose of News Limited’s stable of climatologists’ input, the bogan was now a font of scepticism. Possibly Times New Roman. Definitely not Comic Sans.

When this started becoming apparent in polling, and the appearance of Tony Abbott at various factories and mines across the country spouting the phrase ‘toxic tax’ to anyone willing to point a camera at him, the nefarious beardist cabal of climate change activists sprang into, well, action…

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