Friday Bachelor of Bogan (BBo)

10 12 2010

It’s Friday. And the formidable frontal-lobe dominator that is the Bachelor of Bogan is back. The week has been surprisingly devoid of mind-boggling acts of boganity, with the media instead preferring to indulge itself with nonsense such as the issues surrounding Freedom of Press, international law and political accountability. And of course, Oprah. Please observe:

The bogan supports Julian Assange because:

The bogan is foolishly excited about Oprah’s visit to Australia because:

The bogan believes which journalist to be more deserving of the Gold Walkley than Laurie Oakes:

The bogan is under the mistaken impression that low-carbohydrate beer:

Friday Bachelor of Bogan (BBo)

12 11 2010

It’s Friday. Please affix your vertebrate nervous systems to the following:

Bogans venturing into major city centres at night time should be most afraid of:

The most appropriate way to pay respects to a tragically deceased friend is:

‘Punji hunting’ is:

Bogans NRL fans this week have been shocked to discover:


Nicola King is excited because:




Friday Bachelor of Bogan (BBo)

5 11 2010

It’s been an imperiled week of boganity. Please observe:

The recent Qantas A380 disaster has caused outrage amongst bogans because:

Canberra Raiders player Joel Monaghan’s stunt of having a friend’s dog lick his testicles on camera is:


CBA’s decision to raise lending rates by 45 basis points after the Reserve Bank increased the cash rate by 25 basis points on Melbourne Cup day:

The bogan has had an amazing week because:

Friday Bachelor of Bogan (BBo)

15 10 2010

Wow. It’s been a massive week. Abortions. Enormous cocaine hauls. Chileans being removed from a hole. What’s more, Things Bogans Like turned one year old, without only once soiling its pants. India-based sportal goings on took place, but are now no more. The bogan didn’t really care especially, although it did get the chance to forgive Sally Pearson. But even though it’s Friday and everyone’s just itching to get to a glassing barn, first you must fire up the coals of your neural barbecues, and throw upon the grill some of these choice cuts.

The bogan watched the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners with great interest because:

Bank of Queensland is launching a new “Save To Win” account that offers lottery tickets to lure deposits. This will cause:

When sensible Australians everywhere celebrated a court case yesterday, it was because:














Schapelle Corby’s latest bid for clemency is based on:

The Australian dollar has nearly reached parity with its US counterpart. This means: