Things Bogans Like

A Birthday

It’s just come to our attention that on this day last year, we set up a blog to house an analysis of the things that bogans do indeed like. Since then, we’ve managed to list 182 of those things, the blog has been viewed almost 3 million times, and it has received 44,000 comments.

But due to the bogan’s continuing devolution, our work is not yet done.  The TBL book will be in stores nationwide in about a fortnight, containing 25 or 30 new posts that are some of our genuine favourites, along with spruced up versions of our better efforts over the past 12 months. Although we’re also chipping away fairly inefficiently on another idea, we’ll continue to update the blog as much as we can. So, to the people who have given us a helping hand (you know who you are), to our loyal and amusing readers who help to keep us motivated, and to the impulsive reprobates who we have chronicled 182 times, thank you. It’s well on its way to being our best ever pub story.

Please, enjoy a slice of the delicious cake that we have had prepared to commemorate our first birthday.

Yours kindly,

Enron Hubbard, Flash Johnson, E. Chas McSween, Intravenus DeMilo, Hunter McKenzie-Smythe, and special guest contributor Michael Jayfox.