Things Bogans Like

#10 – Last Year’s Designer Drug

About once a week, on the news, there will be a story about someone overdosing on the ‘latest designer drug’. This is, invariably, a bogan. And the drug is, invariably, not the latest. The illicit pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic one, constantly on the lookout to produce a bigger, cheaper high. These drugs begin to filter through society, and hard-core users and ravers adopt them with glee. Then, once they realise that this new drug is not safe, not very high and certainly not all that cheap, they move on to the next methamphetamine.

It is at about this point that the bogan embraces said raving fuel en masse. By this point in the drug’s life cycle, however, it has begun to be manufactured by ignorant, unschooled junkies in hideously filthy backyard labs, cut with Drano and pushed to the CBD club scene by organised crime.

This cycle continues to its natural – and inevitable – climax; the overdose of about 1,000 bogans at a major rave with medial capitals in the title, like TwoTribes and SummaDayze. Of late, the drug of choice has been GHB, with its delightfully bogan-dyslexic moniker of ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’, although the list is far longer. This type of behaviour tends to follow copious consumption of ketamine, woodies/cruisers and jumping around a lot on the jumping castles in the ‘chill out zone’.

The mass-OD then becomes national news. At which point the bogans’ parents blame society.


This just keeps getting better.